Trump hiring undocumented immigrants

a new report detailing how the trump companies hires undocumented workers for his properties,and how they are still doing it.

Maybe its time for ICE to arrest him and his family

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from your link:

Another immigrant who worked for the Trump construction crew, Edmundo Morocho, said he was told by a Trump supervisor to buy fake identity documents on a New York street corner. He said he once hid in the woods of a Trump golf course to avoid being seen by visiting labor union officials.

What the general public doesn’t know, is that employers are also involved with the fake documentation…been there, done that.

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Wait! How can this be true? Come on, trumpsplainers. Spin this for us.

Everybody hires undocumented immigrants. Let’s not get all sanctimonious by insinuating that the President of the United States shouldn’t do it too. Is he a second hand citizen?

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Not everybody can read the Washington Post online, but here is another article on the same subject;


Everybody chant now…

Lock them up!

Lock them up!

Lock them up!

No, he’s a small hand citizen from what they say.

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“When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal”

If…it’s proven to be true and that Trump is aware, he’ll lose support. The probability is though…it’s fake news.

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After all we have learned about the President over the past couple of years… what makes you think it is fake?

I have read other articles by David Fahrenthold of the WAPO. He was the one that broke the story of how little Trump donated to his charitable foundation. All of the articles that I have read he did his homework and had the goods. So I will go with that this is true and not fake news.

All that’s been said regarding this subject, when considering risk/reward…Trump has too much to lose…for very little gain. I don’t see it.

It won’t matter to MAGAts

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Yup. It’s not a company Trump owns or directly hires for. It’s spin.

Oh look…trump again throwing all you supporters under the bus…annnnnd you will accept it…as usual…because…lol…

Just one giant lol at you


No he won’t.
5th ave syndrome is real.

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It won’t matter to the “triggered” if it’s not true.
Anything to be outraged over even if you have to make it up or spin it. Must have outlet for the bubbling, frothing TDS. So much has failed. Poor creatures.

Take a deep breath, it’s Friday and approaching the weekend…don’t lose it now. :sunglasses:

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Mobile Payroll Construction LLC is owned by the President.

What makes anyone think he’d lose support. I doubt any of the Trump apologists around here would care. They already didn’t care him hiring illegals and even defended him because he was too important to be involved with hiring or hiring policies.