Trump - here is something you could be doing

…to help your re-election chances and to help the country.

Start preparing a vaccine distribution plan NOW.

That is all.


Might cut into his golf time.


There is no vaccine yet.

Sounds like a waste of resources at this time.

There might never be one.

Let’s have a plan in place. Better to be ready now.


A plan built on a missing component isn’t a plan as much as a shot in the dark.
We might never have a vaccine.
I would like to see shutting down areas of the country flaring up, and getting quick hospitals ready to go there; as a plan.

The Experts have one.

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How do you know there isn’t already a plan?

Did Trump not CC you in the e-mail?

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The logistics don’t really change. It’s a medicine that needs to be rapidly distributed.

Yes why should the president take charge of the executive branch. It’s really unfair to expect that.

I thought federal government was already ramping up production in anticipation ?

That would truly be the best October surprise, btw. For a change, something to help everyone instead of some kind of a sleazy dossier on an opponent.

There is, the Experts have been talking about it on the news.

Yep, we should let a politician plan moving medicine through a national supply infrastructure.

What could go wrong?

Production of what?

I think this is being done on some level

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I just posted right after you did

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I wonder if that price is with anti bodies vaccine or without.

Like cost of filling syringes plus material. Because if that included the anti-bodies then that is no were near enough IMO.

There is nothing in that article about anti-bodies

So it’s just a contract to fill those syringes then.

Yeah. I think that’s important though to scale up distribution