Trump Has Really Scaled Back Attacks On media. media Has Intensified Attacks On trump. Ruling=media's Fault


Leave poor Donald alone!


Trump isn’t even on the main page of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc.


I must have just made it up.

Yet here you are defending the media for…nothing??

Like I said, …please!


It’s almost like some people forgot that there was a major assignation attempt on multiple leaders of the Democratic Party.


by a whacky liberal though, hence the complete media shutdown and censorship


I’m asking you to provide examples of the media “attacking” Trump.


What about that time Trump on national TV pushed a the same conspiracy theory that resulted in the murder of 11 Americans less then three days prior.


Unless, of course, it is Trump doing the criticizing.


Shouting “Fake News” isn’t criticism.


Calling journalists “The Enemy of the American people” isn’t criticism.


Boo hoo. When the media treat half of the American people as the enemy they deserve to be called out on it.

Hell, you have a member of Congress warning gun owners that the government has nukes, and barely a peep out of the media.


How does CNN treat you like an enemy, does the local news team kick over your trash cans or something?


All he ever wanted was to make America like Christmas again, but the grinchy left is so very, very mean and very, very unfair. Donald would be more popular than Jesus were it not for grinchy libs!


He’s still your president. And the choice nominee of nearly every liberal media outlet in 2016. They made him. You all cheered.

Deal with it.


Poor Donald.

Poor, frustrated ohknow35.


I would take it as criticism if I were them.


Trump’s been a high-profile ■■■■■■■■ philanderer, boor, narcissist, liar, con artist, and grotesque buffoon in American public life for well over 30 years now. Ten years ago on this forum, there would have been bipartisan consensus and agreement about this because it’s so obviously true.

It’s who he is, at every second of his existence. It’s who he was back when he was a pro-choice universal healthcare-loving reform party wannabe, and it’s who is now that he’s an addled, bloated rightwing crank.

For the most part, the media covers him for who he is, how he acts, what he does, and what he says. Neither he nor they can help it that he’s an ■■■■■■■■ even if they try to normalize him sometimes.

Embrace it all. It’s what you wanted.


Was it criticism when Obama started it?


But why can’t they say anything nice about him???


Frustrated? You all keep telling us you got the goods on him, but here we are.

Projecting much?