Trump Has Really Scaled Back Attacks On media. media Has Intensified Attacks On trump. Ruling=media's Fault


Are you ever going to stop whining and list the ‘‘attacks’’ you claim the ‘‘media’’ is committing on poor Trumpkins.


We understand. Running here to whine about how mean people are to your Messiah felt really good when tou could couch it in righteous indignation.

Poor ohknow35. No amount of flushing will clear that yooge orange turd from your bowl.

Poor, poor ohknow35.


Snowflake is the appropriate term.


snowflakes are pretty, this behavior is unsightly and pathetic


Poor little Trumpy bear. Doesn’t the media realize he is the personification of all that is good in the universe, and that he never does anything worthy of criticism? Nothing is ever his fault. The media should be ashamed of themselves.


Conservatives were victims when a Democrat was in office. They’re victims when a Republican is in office. At this point it’s pretty obvious that Trumpists like the OP will consider themselves victims for eternity.


Just so long as we all know who the enemy of the people are, and trump should keep identifying them.

Although that’s really not necessary.


Victims? Like I said, they can say whatever they want about him, and they are.

trump is showing way more class than your beloved media/enemies of the people.


I agree. Poor Tiny should go right on whining.


When are you going to post your proof of media “attacking “ Trump?


The proof just got 10ft higher because of that snide attitude. And yes, Mexico will still be providing the proof.


trump tweeted a bodyslam about cnn!

trump said he likes the guy who bodyslammed the reporter!

trump pulled acosta’s hard pass!!

Waaaaaahhhhhhh! I want my obama back!!! waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!


He’s got too much class to attack the media right now. He’s making them look really, really b…worse than ever.


Whatever on earth are you talking about?

At any rate, you can keep Obama and Trump. Enjoy!


Very classy. Very cool. Very legal.

Poor Tiny. It’s all so mean and unfair.


I guess to be fair, most of the liberal media that is still employed are just engaging in trump hatred. The ones who got fired were doing that and sexually harassing multiple women.

Trustworthy bunch that they are.


Poor Tiny :frowning:


Sounds like you’re completely obsessed with “trump jr.”



I love how the left frames the onslaught of 90 some percent negative coverage across the press and media as “criticism”

I guess there are some idiots who actually believe it.


Tiny Jr. has potential, but he’ll never compare to your Messiah.

Tiny Jr. wouldn’t even take a single flush, whereas Tiny Sr? Flush twice, at least.