Trump Has Really Scaled Back Attacks On media. media Has Intensified Attacks On trump. Ruling=media's Fault


Has been their fault all along. They really are the unhinged attack and propaganda wing of the dimocrat party, and behave as if they are the enemy of half of the people.

Truly disgusting!


Criticism isn’t an attack.


Such as Tucker Carlson, that liberal scoundrel!


The media’s daily onslaught has ramped up since the election and they even used the corpse of a dead president to beat trump with.

It’s been a vile display from all parties involved in the media.


Are you suggesting Trump is above criticism?


And the media lies have continued on the pace they were always at.


what attacks? specifically?


What lies? and all I see is the Media criticizing the President.


Are you suggesting the media is above criticism?? And better yet, are you suggesting it’s all been merely “criticism”, and not outright hatred and derangemnet??


Pointing out the lunatic tweets?


They can say what they want, doesn’t bother me. Just no crying when he returns fire.

Do you agree??


Nope your free to criticize them all you want, Your yet to show examples of the “Attack” on Trump.


Poor, poor Donald. So picked on.



And seriously, when is the last time trump was going after the media in a way that made some of you come running here with a thread?? Weeks??


Problem is, he returns lies and whimpering blame, not fire.


what? you made this thread complaining about the Media “Attack” Trump, yet can’t provide an example of such.


must be i guess


Donald himself said he whines until he wins.


If he increased his rate of lying by a factor of 10 each day for the rest of his presidency, he just might catch up to the media by the end of his time in office.



enough about foxnews, Breitbart, or infowars. what specific attack has the media done?