Trump halts immigration! Good idea?

Smart idea? Is it it a good idea to bring in 100,000-ish more people to this country every month? Right now? Do we know where they have been over the past two weeks? What they have been exposed to? And where will they work once they get here? We are experiencing massive unemployment. What are we supposed to do with more immigrants? Put them on public assistance at a time when we are already bankrupting the system? Do we need one million + more people this year?

All what this is going to do is farther anger the left.


I’m sure. But I would certainly love to hear them argue their point. I wonder is the race card will be dealt? :smirk:

What immigration has been taking place since the shutdown?

This is more a PR stunt to appeal to his base.


Lib tears so it’s a great decision right?

Is America even issuing Visa?

I’m not sure. You could probably google how many people immigrated in the past month or two and find that answer.

So PR stunt or not, Should immigration be halted in your view?

Why it’s just the flu


If already is and yes during a pandemic all travel should be shut down with the exception of moving goods and freight. Zero personal travel and zero business travel unless its communting to work and moving freight and goods.

I don’t see the reasoning for it as it relates to the current pandemic crisis. Stephen Miller probably whispered in his master’s ear, “hear is little something for your base”. :shushing_face: :wink:
This has his name written all over it.

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Flu or no flu where they gonna work?

What should be the last thing opened back up?

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Hes exempting farm workers which pretty makes this a publicity stunt

You don’t see any reasoning with not knowing what they have been exposed to? And you also think this is the perfect time to bring people in and put them on public assistance? Is that your argument?

Anything that is non essential which includes the majority of immigration.

Well at our university we definitely need immigration. So I really need more details on what his order actually means. Grad students, visiting scholars, fixed term faculty, specialists…?

Of course we do. They’re the biggest recipients

All immigration. What caused the problem in Singapore?

You are.

Why would we box ourselves in? What if there is a need for doctors or other essential workers. Much speculation at the moment that Trump will allow exemptions for farming.