Trump had central role in paying off stormy

According to the Wall Street journal trump was involved every step of the way in the payoffs to Stormy Daniels. The ones Michael cohen plead guilty about

According to the wsj the us attorney in ny had the evidence

Wouldn’t people have to be kind of stupid not to know that by now?

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Knowing it and proving it can be two totally different animals sometimes.

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Stormy Daniels is my favorite character on “Celebrity Apprentice: Washington DC!” I’m glad to see that they’re bringing her back into the story arc. I look forward to a Stormy winter.

Our president isn’t smart enough to hide stuff that people can’t find.

The real question is, will Trump be held accountable if any laws were broken by him? Because apparently a US President is above the law now.

Remember, this was all before he became president. It doesn’t matter. The fact that he did it to make sure he became president is also insignificant. Apparently.


That has to be one of the slimiest excuses I’ve seen people make for Trump. “He did it before he became president.” That didn’t stop them from bloviating about Juanita Broaddrick.

Can’t wait for Donald’s tweet that he has pardoned himself of all wrongdoings, pre and post election. Greatest pardon in probably the history of ever.

I like the part where the Wall Street Journal spoke to THREE DOZEN people with direct knowledge of the payments. Three dozen. 36 people. With direct knowledge of the payments. Worst hush money ever.

US Presidents have always been above the law unless congress was willing to hold them accountable. See Obama ordering the murder of US citizens without due process for reference.

Must have been a fun airplane ride because the story broke as they were traveling to Paris.

Fortunately AF1 is large, with many soundproof rooms.

"Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, [said at the time that “Donald Trump directed [Cohen] to commit a crime by making payments to two women for the principal purpose of influencing an election.”

That’s going to be the crux. There are more reasons than one that you don’t want it publicized that you have been seeing a prostitute. Note that the actual agreements prohibits telling anyone in the family about it.

Cohen may be willing to testify it was his understanding the purpose was for the campaign. That is not proof as to what Trump was thinkng.

That’s basically how Sen. Edwards got off…jurors were not convinced there weren’t non political purposes for the payments.

Odldly, Trump could help himself legally if he were to show he had done this before.

Stormy Daniels isn’t a prostitute.

And waiting a decade after the affair - until he was running for President - to actually pay her off goes pretty far to showing the “principal purpose” of the NDA.


She knew she was marrying a sleaze bag from the beginning. She knew what she was getting into.

So wait…he was lying about his role in all this time?
Nooooooooooo! I’m calling fake news on this. Cha!

No, of course it doesn’t. Stormy saw her opportunity and was searching for a deal at that point. She made it happen at that time, Trump didn’t search for her out of a vacuum at that point.

I still can’t believe we are talking about the president paying hush money to porn stars for affairs while his wife was pregnant. Family Values!

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Nkt only that but he straight up lied to all of his supporters faces. They don’t care though. He could shoot someone on 5th Avenue. All cons care about us $$$ in their pockets, guns, and keeping muslims and brown people out.