Trump Grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 Jets After Two Crashes

Not talking about TRC. You and Mob are going back and forth about ego and beat downs. I didn’t delete one response that talked about the issue.

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When one door closes, another one opens.



More fallout thanks to Boeing criminal handling of the max development

United doesn’t expect to get all the Boeing jetliners it ordered and was due to receive this year or next year. A month ago, United said it was contractually due 191 planes this year and 127 next year but expects to receive only 88 this year and 64 in 2025.

Almost all of the shortfall consists of Boeing 737 Max planes, including a new, larger model. United had planned to begin flying 80 Max 10 jets this year. The Federal Aviation Administration has not yet certified the Max 10, however, and FAA approval is likely to be further delayed by increased scrutiny of Boeing since a panel blew out of an Alaska Airlines Max 9 in January.

Given the flight operation problems United has had the last few weeks, that’s probably a good thing. :smirk:

It’s not just united. Southwest also closed their window because of Boeing products quality being complete trash. Every airline that had planned their route structure for years are now having to take losses because of Boeing.