Trump Grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 Jets After Two Crashes

Good. This is much better than that stupid rant about Einstein and Complexity. Let’s get these fixed and safe again.

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im amazed. the idiot did something right

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Good. Great decision Mr. Trump.

Wow! Fat donald finally did something right. Good job!


Obese Donald Trump, LEADING FROM BEHIND on air travel safety concerns for Americans and world travelers alike.

Guess some adult in the room drew him a picture that he could understand, “Yes, Donny, flying is difficult, but crashing is easy”.


It wasn’t his decision. Someone told him he better do something before he looks like a feckless idiot again.


Ya still got to give credit when credit is due…unfortunately.

Ok. I credit whoever the adult was that told him he must do this.


I give the credit to others for this dragging of Obese Donald Trump to conceding to ground those jets.

It was not a conscious, rational, logical decision on his part.

And he gets credit for once actually listening to the adult in the room.

Someone no doubt told him he still might not lose any of his base for shooting some innocent human on 5th avenue but that he would lose much of his base if a 737 Max crashed on 5th Avenue killing hundreds of innocents with the US being the only major nation holdout on grounding the planes.



For once the little whiny man-child gets full credit for finally listening to the adult(s) in the room.

There is hope for him yet, a little hope, but step two only comes after step one.

Since Trump is not president for all Americans, but rather a small politically active minority, someone must have convinced him that his support among the small minority would somehow be hurt if he didn’t give this order. This is how Trump decides everything. Not for the good of all Americans, but just for the benefit of the small minority that supports him.

Either that, or his friends and family made money shorting Boeing stock.

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All of the above!

I’ll give Trump credit for this.

Damn - Trump actually did something right for a change. I guess miracles can still happen.

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Imagine the mental and leadership prowess required to put this together.

plane crashy. don’t fly plane.

Yes. Assuming there is anything wrong with the planes to be fixed. The initial indication following the first crash was a lack of communication between the Boeing auto flight control software developers and pilot training. In that case, a simple flip of a switch when the plane began to “misbehave” would have averted the crash. Supposedly a software patch was written to prevent a repeat of that issue, but it is not known if either the patch or the pilot training was implemented in this recent event.

In his own bumbling and inarticulate way, Trump’s initial response was correct. The complex technology on modern jet liners makes pilots lesser airmen. There are numerous incidents where reliance on computer technology caused the pilots forget rule number one in an emergency … “fly the plane.” Newer pilots in particular, tend to not develop the seat of the pants skills to fly the plane when the technology fails.

From what I’m seeing the pilots had been through the retraining. I’m starting to think there’s a software problem that the coders haven’t identified yet or that somehow some malicious code has beeninserted.

121 million dollars a unit, 3 billion development cost and “somehow malicious code has been inserted” even entered your mind?