Trump going to send Federal law enforcement to polling station

During his interview with Hannity tonight Trump said he will be sending law enforcement to polling station, though I heavily suspect States will not like this overstep.

since when can he, as a federal official, can send LEO and sheriffs to individual precinct or polling locations?

He can send observers only, not law enforcement.

A Federal Judge can send United States Marshals to particular polling sites if coercive anti-voting behavior is observed.

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that was my understanding. so just another time where he is straight up lying. cool cool cool. thanks safiel


Sounds more and more that there is an absolute imperative there are independent, international observers present during the 2020 USA presidential election.


can those observer dress like federal agents you know to look spooky.

Doesn’t any Trump supporters get it yet? The guy still doesn’t know what his job is. He has no interest in learning the powers and limitations of the office. It is sad really.


Foreigners should mind their own business regarding U.S. elections.


A conservative’s nightmare, right? Feds at the polls.

Or not.

Personal attacks are so much easier that coming up with a narrative to defend this. I understand.


They’re not super-scary black guys holding sticks, so it’s ok.

Hahahah, oh yea. I almost forgot about that. Almost.

What personal attack?? I said “foreigners”. How is that personal to any one of the 7 billion foreigners in the world??

I think it’s because westaussie is foreign to the United States but that’s just, uh, a guess.

Attacking people nationality is fine unless you make fun of American that is a time out.


Ooh, this is a fascinating argument.

You weren’t referring specifically to westaussie when you whined about foreigners sharing their opinions with you - you were instead directing your whining to foriegners in general.

Sounds plausible.

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Knock off the personal stuff and get back on topic.

In 1990, the U.S. committed to inviting and providing access for international observers when it signed the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Copenhagen Document.

There have been several occasions when U.S. elections were observed by foreign observation teams under the above commitment.

I didn’t say a word about westaussie. But westaussie did say this:


I said as much when someone else made the same suggestion a few days ago.

Okay. If thats really what you meant, then my mistake.