Trump Exemplifies Greatness

Proof: he displays all of the qualities of greatmess better than anyone.

  1. Greed
  2. Narcissism
  3. Dishonesty
  4. Adultery
  5. Criminality (tbd)
  6. Pettiness

Of course none of which is illegal.

But hey that’s why we needed to elect a God fearing non politician, amirite?

Which attributes did I miss?

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Errrr - number 5 is, indeed, illegal. Pretty much by definition. :wink:

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That’s one hell of a face plant, congrats.

This is the result of having a decent man as President for 8 years. Republicans had to find the biggest no- morals person they could.


Who ordered the murder of two US citizens and violated the Constitution he was sworn to defend.

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But her emails.

And democrats had to put up the one person even more unelectable than Trump to gun against him.

That’s what you get when both parties put up the most amoral repugnant candidates available to run against one another.

It was her turn. The most qualified candidate in history.

That’s very true. Democrats found the fly ■■■■ in the pepper.

That sounds exactly what Sean used to say.

Sean Obama?

Defending trump again I see

Ahh so having sex with mistresses while married IS a crime

Adultery is number four and it’s no longer illegal in this country.

Try again.

It’s illegal in 20 states. Try again

It was illegal in most states for a hundred years or more and while there may still be some statutes on the books they are dead statutes that have not been enforce in your lifetime.

It’s illegal in 20 states. You were wrong.

I’ll live.

This just occurred to me… do you say the same thing every time a Cop kills a guy? These were literally dudes fighting with Al Queda who we are (beleive it or not) still at war with. I have a feeling that if Bush did it, you wouldn’t say a thing.

Now to be fair, if Trump did it, I’d probably panic until it was proven beyond doubt they were terrorists because, you know, it’s Donald Trump and I wouldn’t put drone killing people he doesn’t like past him.

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When a cop lawfully kills someone in the commission of a crime there is no issue of constitutional rights.

When a president orders the extrajudicial killing of an American citizen making them specifically a target there is.

Those people were targets of a hit, not lawfully killed in the commission of a crime.

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