Trump Exemplifies Greatness

Pretty much unless it was self-defense.

You would be wrong.

Decent man? The guy that had weaponized the IRS, CIA, NSA, CoJ and FBI to use against his political opponents?


Trump exemplifies greatness…if by greatness you mean every ugly instinct and predilection a human being is capable of. Maybe that’s why he wears suits that would send David Byrne running for a tailor - he needs the room to hold it all in.

It sure seems that way. How much did we hear about Obama’s narcissism? Then they elect DONALD TRUMP lol

It’s illegal under the UCMJ…

Your fantasy world doesn’t count.

It may be illegal in Somalia. What does that have to do with this case? When will Bill be getting out?

Which applies to no one except the military.

Sounds a lot like Bill Clinton.

Who knew he’d be your new standard bearer