Trump ends medical deferred action program

The latest case in point is a relatively small program known as “medical deferred action,” in which immigrants without legal status who are suffering from serious medical conditions are granted a reprieve from deportation so that they can have access to much-needed medical treatment in the United States.

This is pretty cold. I hope that the press takes this directly to Trump and let him explain what the hell is going on. I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that he doesn’t even know about it.

All of this makes me wonder who hurt Stephen Miller so much?


As long as the don’t die on OUR streets it’s OK. Just wheel the hospital gurney across the border and all is good

This is not the American that I love.

Mexican maid beat him up?

Or perhaps dropped him on his head.

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Maybe it wasn’t a Mexican maid, maybe it was a maid born overseas to service member who happened to have hispanic background…

How much of that medical treatment is at the expense of the US taxpayer?

Who would Jesus watch die?


Christian Values showing strong


Blessed are the meek… unless it raises marginal tax rates a percentage then ■■■■ those guys.


I have been trying to find how much this program costs. I have found multiple articles that say it is a very small program, but no dollar amount. It is interesting that the WH tried to sneak this one through. It wasn’t until a media outlet found out about it that they admitted to it. It sounds like they know it is not going to be popular. I am waiting to hear from the boys and girls on the hill. And I certainly want to hear what Trump’s comments are.

It’s obviously some regressive Stephen Miller bull ■■■■ just like the new rules issued that Government workers stationed overseas cannot count their time abroad toward their children having citizenship.

What the ■■■■ that is supposed to accomplish is beyond me.

Brown people bad. Must keep them on the other side of the fence.

Women. As a gender one would guess. Dude looks like Gollum and has a personality to match. A true least Sebastian Gorka has his fake 1920s Eurotrash thing going on.

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Dammit, looks like Gollum and has the personality of the Mouth of Sauron. That was so much better.


I’m legitimately, un-sarcastically going with he had the hots for a Latina.

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the courage of wormtongue

damn i messed up my fantasy cowards

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