Trump endorses Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia

Hard to believe there is this much hate for Governor Kemp. By the former President

I am surprised there wasn’t a thread in this forum about this very subject.

So a day late and a dollar short.

The leader of the Republican Party openly endorsed a prog like Abrams.

Hate runs deep with the ex POTUS.


Trump leading the GOP over the cliff and no one tough enough to stand up to him- except Liz.

Not surprising. He’s willing to destroy the party that has stood by him for nothing more than petty revenge.

Wait a few hours, and we’ll see this being defended.

Liz. Kemp of Georgia. Ducey of Arizona. Some other congress person (retired or will be retired)

There are a few stout mensches out there among the cowards of the Republican Party.


Kemp is a RINO dontchaknow.


I do think Liz and a few others are betting the whole enchilada that Trump will burn out and conservatives will finally turn on him. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

He’s gonna do this all through the midterms lol.


Spite is a terrible motivator for politics, but it’s the Trump Trifecta: spite, grievance, and self aggrandizement.

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It would be astonishing to me if conservatives really allowed Abrams to win out of anger at Kemp not kissing the ring.

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As Republican fussionism breaks down, we may well see R’s organize themselves broadly as pro and anti trump.

Almost the entire GOP senate is anti-Trump. Secretly or semi-secretly. I would guess about 1/3rd of the GOP electorate also hate Trump…secretly. What would it take for open revolt to happen? Not sure.

Maybe if he continues to stir hatred towards Kemp? That could snowball towards hatred to perceived RINOS, across other states.

Lower Republican turnout would be disastrous for them.

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Certainly if Trump Sour Grapes turns into election losses in 22, that would kill the brand I’m guessing- and allow for open revolt. I doubt that happening on any wide scale but who knows?

I don’t know if “revolt” is the correct word, but I take your meaning.

I think it’s going to come down to the mids. If Trump is able to crown even a couple kings*, he will be able to show he is still viable, and the secret anti-Trumpers will stay in the closet.

*But not obvious choices. For example, Boebert is probably a lock. But endorsing a dark horse or two that go on to win will prove he still has some juice.

Yeah Fear of Trump (FOT) will continue through 22. Then we’ll see.

If he runs and happens to win, thats all his term will be about. Four years of revenge…

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LOL- he must think about stuff like this all day long.

Hmmm…strange. No defense of this yet?

I love observing the discernment of those here in Hannity Land. The outside world is very challenging right now on many fronts and I can use a good chuckle to help relieve the stress of it all.

Thanks Bidenites. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Ok by me. If he kicks illegals out, fires all of the J’Biden clowns and picks up where he left off with a Republican majority in Congress this could be fun!