Trump endorses Jeff Sessions primary opponent for Senate in Alabama

He really does like to hold a grudge doesn’t he. Doesn’t matter how much Sessions groveled in the past or going forward, he’s gonna stay as punching bag material for a while.

Sessions proved himself to be incapable of handling a big job. He was given his chance…and blew it big time. There’s nothing owed on Trump’s end. If there’s a debt, Sessions owes Trump…just ask John Huber.

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Sessions backed Trump when no other Senator would. Even through the ■■■■■ tape.

Unwavering loyalty not being sufficient is not a surprise though.

…and he was given the job of AG. Debt paid! His performance was so bad as AG, he’s now in debt.

Too bad.

Maybe sessions should ask his dimocrats handlers if he needs to recuse himself now.


Libs like Sessions now.



:laughing:. Excellent tea-reading skills.

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If you like.

He’s one more in a long line of ex-Trumpees who have been forced to eat ■■■■■

Loyalty has always been and will always be a one way street with Trump.

Sometimes I forget you’re a damn dirty foreigner, and then you say something gross, like “tea”. lol


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You can dump CBD in it.

Dude, you already grossed me out. There’s no reason to pile on like that. lol

Strange, I was starting to picture you as a tea-drinking hippy recently.

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If you like…you can insert “loyalty”. I don’t think Trump is as good at picking people, as he thinks he is and therefore, he has to fire them.

Personally…I don’t like turnover. When someone has to be fired, I then re-look at who hired them.

You libs always picture things about me that aren’t real though. :wink:

You know what CBD tastes like? Plastic. Is that a good flavor to you? Do you like the flavor of plastic? Does it compliment the earthy flavors of an Earl Grey, hot? :rofl:

What possibly leads you to that conclusion? How many liberal votes do you expect Sessions to garner?

You’re not fooling me. Bet you’re tapping on bongo’s and smoking a bowl right now.

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The WH has looked like it’s needed revolving doors over the past few years.

I don’t smoke cannabis.


No officer, I don’t smoke weed.

Correct, I don’t smoke cannabis. Not sure how that’s confusing.