Trump does Maria Bartiromo on 'Sunday Morning Futures.'

Real simple message here: At the end of the amazing interview ( Trumpus MAGA said simply, " I love the American people." And if you saw him saying that and were watching closely you could tell he was genuine.

As for us Trumplovers out here in the hinterlands… As good conservatives we must also be armchair sociologists and psychologists when dealing the the damaged left.

Reading the liberal progressive anarchist commenters on here I see that they are awash in honest to gosh propaganda frobige Their fingers peck stuff into the comments that is simply not real. Some make it up and some are prolly honest dupes. I haven’t been around long enough to get them all sorted yet. Do you find this to be the case in your own experience here?

But back to Trump and his genuine love for the American people. A question… Did you ever hear Obama mouth those words or even anything similar? Have you heard Chuck 'n Nancy say that? Or any of the other crop of current dem hatemongers? (This is a rhetorical question.) Evil never says I love you.

Love triumphs. Genuine caring patriotic Christian love. That’s why the dem haters are in a heap of poodoo rat now. Sucks to be them with their scabby wounds that never heal.

Bud you’ve been swindled. Donald Trump would trade your life for an extra KFC bowl in 2 seconds.

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I predict that for the near future that this will be one of the dumber rabbit holes on this board.

When trump says he loves you, he’s playing you as a sucker, a gullible. And here you are. Played. Overcome with emotions. Lol.

Funny you should say that. Naturally I don’t believe it for 2 seconds Mx. field. However it is EXACTLY the way I feel about scabby dems.

How could two guys with access to the same info come to disagree 180?

I’ve never heard Donald not tell a lie, so I truly doubt he loves you. He just loves playing on your emotions. He loves triggering you.

Lucy, you are a sweetheart. A Downvote Rump Ranger but a sweetheart. I’m starting to look for your snark attached to my posts. Kinda took a shine to yuz.

Because you’re being snookered and I’m not.

I love you. I hope you believe that.

Info I have access to is that Trump has been a con man scumbag his entire adult life. You got something different I haven’t seen?

One of my measures of success of how right I am is the reax level by the bizarro mirror world left. When my Downvote Rump Ranger Posse doesn’t awaken from their slumber to attack I feel like I haven’t quite hit the mark. Looks like they are a hive of busyness with this award winning post. I congratulate my humble self.

Welcome all pustulent sorosdems. Refreshments served at 2.

That is a refreshing change after obama, who clearly hated a large % of the American people, including many of his own supporters.

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Why do post ■■■■ that even you don’t believe?

Yeah I do Mx. field. You jest keep reading my posts and you might larn something. Stay awake!

A man who can’t muster enough love for a beautiful new wife and a beautiful new baby boy to stay home with them instead of range roving for high traffic porn ■■■■■ isn’t going to have any love for you or I.

Its what he says to contact emotional Gullibles.


Anytime I see a comment with the little square boxes in it I disregard immediately as bullflatulence. My comment is for general broadcast. Not aimed at the commenter.

The last thing Trump could be described as being is “genuine”.

He has the same sincerity as a snake oil salesman selling you his latest potion, or the evangelical preacher giving you the formula for heaven.

Oh so you have evidence he is not a ■■■■■ grabby corny gross cartoon character of a rich nyc ■■■■■■■■■ who bragged that avoiding std’s while cheating on the mothers of his children was his own personal Vietnam? Did he not start a cheesy fake 1-900 real estate “university” which lost several federal class action lawsuits a few years ago?

But here, you’ve commented on it anyway. :grin:

Nice deflection.

You. Believe. Trump. Is. Genuine.