Trump dismisses furor over conditions for migrants

Suffering is the way of the world. It always has been and always will be. That is a reality you need to face.

Me either. Because the conservatives on this board wouldn’t be looking for a hand out.

We are not the world’s Sugar Daddy.

We have laws. Work to change them or piss and moan about them.

He suggested alligators and snakes. He’s like a stupid Bond villain.

Being outraged at the thought of shooting humans over a misdemeanor is a sign of not being a sociopath.

This rhetoric reminds me of someone who once proclaimed that he would “purge the [land] of all kinds of harmful insects”. The guy’s name was Vladimir Lenin.

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Ok, if you say so.

I wonder how all those concerned with the conditions for illegals, are helping all those whose conditions are worse here in the US that are legal? Is it all mouth or…are you actually getting off of your butts and doing something to fix what you claim you disdain?

Tens of thousands living on the streets of San Francisco alone. People have to dodge piles of trash, human feces, and needles. And this is just one city run by caring, compassionate Democrats for decades. Democrats lack the common sense and ability to even make cities and states they fully control better for homeless people despite sky high taxes that supposedly pay for their wonderfully wise, benevolent government programs. Yet, they obstruct in every way, and withhold more funds to even alleviate the border problems and blame Donald Trump because he hasn’t built enough luxury hotels in three years to put the hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing our borders in and comfort them after they’ve broken our laws…

Shut the hell up Libs. Why don’t you fix your own utopian cities first, and then when you have a nice shining example of how to fix the problem, maybe we’ll listen.


I’m applauding you right now. Well said…

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Every repeat offense of illegal entry is a felony so just shoot the repeat offenders.