Trump dismisses furor over conditions for migrants

Did you guys see where Donald Trump…

“The National Park Service is diverting nearly $2.5 million in entrance and recreation fees primarily intended to improve parks across the country to cover costs associated with President Trump’s Independence Day celebration Thursday on the Mall, according to two individuals familiar with the arrangement.”

So, he’s taking money from our parks to fund the Trump VIP Gala and refuses to even recognize the terrible conditions at his detention centers.

That tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump as a man.


More whining about Trump.

Trump can’t do nothing right.

It’s only $2.5M. How many toothbrushes can the gov’t buy with that?

Is that how furor is spelled?

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Not nothing right… but quite a bit right now.

Always someone else’s fault with fat donald…always.

donald trump stepped on a bug today…Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

And no amount of whining will link the two completely unrelated stories you’re conflating.

Have a nice day.

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To be honest Trump is use to limousines and red carpet while other people suffer. This Southern border thing is nothing to him.

I can’t imagine him giving a dime to people on this very board unless they could do something for him, even if they were suffering. Hell, he’d probably laugh.

That DEMs in Congress would allow this to go on tells me everything you need to know about their hatred of Trump.

The fix is easy, but there is no chance they will do anything for the evolving disaster on the Southern border on the chance Trump might get credit. They would prefer to simply sit back and demonize him for something they created and are perpetuating.

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Did you drink out of your toilet and not brush your teeth today in solidarity?


Our wonderful POTUS could provide TVs in the camps so the illegal invaders could enjoy his gala tomorrow - for free! - and the haters would still complain.

Exactly! Democrats have the power to correct every thing wrong in America today, but they don’t because they want Donald to look bad. And children are suffering because of their unhinged hatred of Donald and therefore America! SAD!


I’m sure you got front row VIP tickets to Trump’s NK-style dictator parade.

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Can’t wait to get up close to one of those new Shermans!

Maybe you’ll shake Ike’s hand

He could leave…

Asylum loopholes are being exploited by the cartel, enticing illegals to make the treacherous journey. It would be a simple matter to close those loopholes and provide border funding. That would quickly shut this mass migration down, ending the crises.

I hear he’s a brand new military officer.

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Why would we torture them more

About 250,000.

Probably even more if you are buying in lot sizes of 10,000.

They would consider it a blessing. Tell me, why are so many people trying to cross our borders illegally? Because they know Donald has Made America Great Again!