Trump dismisses furor over conditions for migrants

The Democratic House is horrible, tying the hands of our astonishingly healthy POTUS and the GOP Senate and making them look weak and powerless to get anything done. It’s a crime against Donald and therefore America, and that’s why the House needs to be summarily disbanded and its Democratic members arrested. They have thwarted every good thing Donald has tried so valiantly to do!

That’s true

My agenda is to expose Democrat sabotage of our wonderful POTUS. Why, even when the GOP controlled both the House and Senate the Deep State media made it impossible for Donald to get so many of his worthy promises realized:

Border wall unbuilt: Democrats’ FAULT
Trumpcare not implemented: Democrats’ FAULT
Hillary not imprisoned: Democrats’ Fault
Revolving door of cabinet appointees in Donald’s Administration: Democrats’ FAULT
Donald’s less than intelligent sounding tweets: Democrats’ FAULT
Exploding national debt: Democrats’ FAULT
Donald’s low approval numbers: Democrats’ FAULT (and lib mob media distortions)
Donald not recognized as the healthiest POTUS since Taft: Democrats’ FAULT

The proof is irrefutable.


It’s a day ending in Y.

Don’t let the agents of the Deep State divide us, peek. There are subversives everywhere who will attempt to wear down honest and true patriots like ourselves.

Keep calm and MAGA on! Donald will continue to lead us through the valley of the shadow of socialism! :us:

Yes mistreating people is the same as stepping on a bug.

way to dehumanize.


But you’re a good shopper WW. :wink:

That’s interesting info. At current invasion rates I wonder how long those would last?

It depends.

Should we include in this invasion people that enter the country across the northern border, fly into airports, or come in legally temporarily and then don’t leave? On only brown people that walk across the southern border?

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I was thinking about the chilluns. It’s always about the chilluns. Color or border doesn’t matter but I hadn’t heard about any kids being held coming from Canada, so by default, the southern border.

I only say this because I am uninformed as to the numbers of kids who have spent time in the care of the BP since this crisis began. Maybe even before if was a trend.

Thank you for this. The President’s vibrant health does not get enough mention around here.

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I don’t understand why art Christian churches aren’t down at the Southern border trying to help the Christian people that are in the cages. They could at least be screaming or protesting.

Can we at least take this carpet, after its used in DC tomorrow, and ship it down to these cages?


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At what point do Trump supporters stop defending his idiocy?

Haven’t found it yet.

Well, we have posters in this very thread equating illegal immigrants to bugs.

That speaks volumes as to how bad things are in this country right now. It’s one thing to be opposed to illegal immigration. It’s quite another to exhibit the level of cruelty that some apparently think is perfectly acceptable in a civilized society.


We’re gonna go much, much lower.

No one is mistreating anyone. That’s not even close to what I said.

And why do so many people keep marching thousands of miles to be “mistreated”??

This is all a lame attempt to change the open borders narrative, and willing dupes have bought into it completely.

You’re right, everyone else is wrong.

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I know I’m right. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people distorting what I posted to claim I was calling illegal immigrants “bugs”.

When the lies about what you say are so obvious, you know you’re telling a whole lot of truth.

Trump really suggesting shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down?

President Donald Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs in order to slow them down after they crossed the southern border during a March meeting in which he called for a shut down of the entire US-Mexico border, The New York Times reported Tuesday.