Trump declares ISIS 100% defeated in Syria but it's 100% untrue

Yes, I am aware.

Some of our politicians have principled positions.

Under Obama:

ISIS went berserk. Destroying priceless historical heritage sites that were not Islamic enough. Burning people alive, chopping off heads, drowning people. They made all of their gains under Obama. Under Obama we watched on TV, huge ISIS convoys complete with tanks and artillery advancing in broad daylight. Without any harassment. It was an absolute mess. To say “thanks Obama” for what Trump has done is not intellectually honest. Not even CNN is corrupt enough to do this (at least I don’t think they are).

And yet ISIS’s demise was well underway before trump took over. Obama had an America First foreign policy and wanted the Iraqi government to step up.

But as I’ve said, I think Trump improved the strategy and isis was defeated, territorially at least, faster than it would have under Obama.

ISIL made gains because of Assad and because Iraq wouldn’t let us keep our troops there and wouldn’t let us conduct military operations there until Mosul fell. That’s the truth. Then the counter ISIL campaign started and when Trump took over they were falling back on every front. Can’t deny that. Trump hasn’t “done” anything but continue the counter ISIL campaign. Good work. Any president would have done the same. If Obama had still been president it would have turned out exactly the same too. Western Syria would be very different though.

So Trump gets the credit. Obama boasted about killing bin Laden for months even though “Any president would have done the same.” Obama did nothing other than let the military do their job. The president in charge gets the credit.

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Thanks Obama.

Again, Trump gets the credit for something Obama organized and got started back in 2016.

But the job got done, regardless of who’s there at the end. Even though Trumpkins is screwing-up the end game.

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That’s because you’re wrong.

Trump improved on the strategy that was already in place, it’s not complicated. He gets credit for the improvement, and if you wanted trump to keep America involved in the fight he gets credit for not immediately pulling out of the anti-isis fight.

Started in 2014 by the way. So the counter ISIL campaign was ongoing under Obama for about two years and seven months(in Syria it was about two years four months). And called a failure by many here and by Trump. The counter ISIL campaign under Trump has been going on for about two years and a month. And when Trump took over, half of Mosul had already been taken, and I need to keep mentioning this, SDF was rolling through Raqqa governorate and was literally five kilometers from Raqqa itself.

That’s one way to spin it. It assumes the strategy wouldn’t change as conditions on the ground changed.

I don’t believe either President interfered with what their Generals suggested and regardless of egos, the credit is the military’s alone and I sincerely thank them for their sacrifices.

When Trump took over the campaign to oust ISIS had stated the previous Oct. 2016. This was from a plan Obama had began almost 2 years previous when Mosul fell, when he insisted a change in Iraqi leadership(Maliki out) and a revamping and integration or the Iraqi army. That’s why thinks took a while. Instead of the preferred option of idiots like Maliki, US generals and Sen. Graham that wanted US troops sent in to do the bleeding and dying.

Could not agree more. Difference being Trump said he had this grand secret plan to defeat ISIL and that he knew more than the generals. Shows the difference between the two.

Because he physically cannot stop himself from doing so. Seriously. It’s the biggest part of his character aside from ego and arrogance. If he stops lying about accomplishments, his ego and self image are destroyed.

Sadly, his supporters are following suit.

Better be careful about Generation Z, there not acting like millennials (My Generation).

He knows his base will believe it, and dismiss any facts refuting him as “Deep State lib mob media fake news bias.”