Trump declares ISIS 100% defeated in Syria but it's 100% untrue

Why does fat donald have to lie every ■■■■■■■ time? Why does fat donald llie about topics that can be quickly either verified or debunked? I seriously don’t get it.

President Trump declared on Thursday that “we just took over 100 percent” of territory controlled by the Islamic State in Syria — a claim that reports from the battle front suggested was 100 percent untrue.

“You kept hearing it was 90 percent, 92 percent, the caliphate in Syria. Now it’s 100 percent, we just took over,” Mr. Trump said in remarks to American troops in Alaska. “Now it’s 100 percent, we just took over 100 percent caliphate. That means the area of the land. We just have 100 percent.”

“So that’s good.”

Obama said i could keep my doctor…which i did…

Bit that somehow excuses all of trumps lies…

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This, in a nutshell, is the most dangerous thing about Trump: To save face with his base, he puts our country and it’s servicemen in harm’s way.

He has insisted North Korea is no longer a threat, because admitting that it is, is contradicting his claim that they are not a problem now.

And do I need to explain how claiming ISIS is defeated in Syria (when they aren’t) is problematic for many?

STOP defending this assclown!

He runs on alternative facts

Agreed. They are not 100 percent destroyed. But they have been destroyed as a fighting unit. They are no longer capable of offensive operations and have lost nearly all their gains. There are a few if them left, but this has been a major victory for the president, for me and for you. They have been devastated. Enjoy our success.

Please explain to me why does he have to lie?

I’ll just mention that it’s only a victory for the president because he continued and didn’t change the anti-ISIL campaign started under the previous administration. Hillary is president and the exact same thing happens.

Because it serves a compulsive need to make him look good.

And, he’s never really had to face the consequences for his behavior, and now is the most powerful person in the world.

Lord help us.

Here’s the article you posted. Did you read it or just start yelling at the sky?

Over the past month, American forces have been working with Syrian fighters to seize the last square mile of Islamic State territory — the riverside village of Baghuz on the border with Iraq.

BTW…my question to you was rhetorical. :sunglasses:

It’s an exaggeration. Maybe he sees it this way? Is it a lie? That’s up for interpretation. Why does any politician do this? To bring attention to a huge success I guess. But it’s only a guess.

I am going to give him a pass on this one. Just because they are is a group of a couple 200+ holed up in a small region in Baghuz in less than a 1/2 mile or so territory they are finished as the Caliphate.

I would have said it differently, maybe like we have a couple 100 holed up in the desert but as the caliphate goes ISIS is finished". He should have probably also mentioned that they will continue to be a pain in the arse like other terrorist groups are. But they are days away from the last pocket being cleared on the SDF Syrian side.

There is a good article on the Atlantic about this, I highly recommend it.

Yell sheople…yell at the sky…Trump is baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaaaad.

You don’t need the Lord to help you. What you need is a candidate who can defeat him. One whose policies are superior. Good luck with that.

It must be stressful on Democrats to deal with the rise of ISIS after their being declared “junior varsity” and then their near demise under Trump.

What we need is the moderates/independents to finally shake off their fallacious beliefs about Trump and for the young voters in this country to get and vote this time.

Restore some sanity to our country.

Policies, ha.

Telling people that having the best conditions that we have seen in generations is insane will be a tough sell. Each candidate will try to out socialist the next one. This will be a problem. As I said, good luck.

Demise was well underway when Trump took over. SDF had been created, tens of thousands of Iraqis had been trained, east Mosul had already been taken back, Iraq was rolling up the Euphrates, and SDF was five kilometers from Raqqa. They were already going down bigly.

That’s a lot of boring words though.

Trump has had flip-all to do with the economy, apart from stimulating it (for short-term gain) with the tax cuts.

Any other repub suit could do the same thing, and bring some humanity and sanity to the job.

They could do the same thing. The problem is, they won’t.

The President campaigned on eliminating two federal regulations for every new one enacted. Also on reducing the power of the EPA to punish companies without cause. No other candidate made this pledge. He fulfilled it. Most republican presidential candidates are typical big government types. Growing government whenever possible.