Trump Declares He Will End Birthright Citizenship

Literally claiming he can defy the Constitution to do so.

If he can do that by Executive Order, then how about the next Democrat President revokes his Executive Order, and then revokes the Cotizenship of anybody who voted for this tyrant?

What in the world?

Get those Mexicans! MAGA

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I think this will make a fine test case for his “interpretation” of the constitution… Suspect it will take just a few months to make it’s way to the Supreme Court where he will get his first unanimous decision…


There’s not going to be any case.

Trump is running off at the mouth. Again.

Trump is trying to get in every little stunt he can before the elections, what a con-artist. MAGA!

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He should totally do this.

There are no downsides to him writing an executive order to contradict the Constitution

He’s really good at this.

I wish he was good at being president.

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Remember, there would be open rebellion if we called an article V convention to reword an amendment, so I can’t even imagine what conservatives will do if Trump just willy nilly changes such a vital part of the nation’s structural integrity.

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The strict constitutionists on here will love it!

His proposal would bring up a lot of interesting questions… For instance, would this apply retroactively? In other words, those granted birthright citizenship already, would they lose their citizenship? Let’s say a child was born to a US citizen and a visa holder, do they lose their citizenship?

Do it Donald!

Seems related:

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What, you think the Drunken Frat Boy would vote against Daddy Trump? You’re pretending he would have any integrity.

And Thomas probably wouldn’t either.

They retired from politics. You’ll find them in a bar with the Tea Partiers.


President Trump is a massive liar and con man.

I wonder if anyone doesn’t know that by now.

Would someone please remind Dumpster Donnie about the oath of office he took upon entering federal employment? Specifically the part about the constitution?

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He doesn’t care, it’s all about his words. And when he goes to his next rally, he can bring this up, and the Red Hat Mob can chant “Lock her up!” or “Build that Wall!”.

If it were to go to the SCOTUS it would almost certainly only apply after the ruling.

I guess that would be good news for Barron… When exactly did Melania become a citizen?