Trump Comments on Colin Powell's Passing

No it’s not, it’s just resentment.

Thanks. So crazy, isn’t it?


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The Dems are so low on character, currently, that dog ■■■■ on your shoe could give them a run for their money.

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Low character he says…while Trump takes a dump on dead Powell

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CEC included. Who the party faithful take their marching orders from…

The GOP is reactive. Always. It’s one of their faults.

No there isn’t.

Well, I disagree. When Republicans call liberals the enemy of the country, which they do, that’s just stupid rhetoric. When some one personally attacks someone it’s different. At least in my eyes.

And trump knows this. trump knows no matter how trashy, nasty, or cruel he behaves, his base will vote for him. So why would he change. He has convinced people that dems are worst. This is why we can’t let him get elected ever again. The gloves came off from trump. He will trash the country with vengence if elected.


From whom do you take your orders?

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That’s absurd. The gop invented ideological divide and conquer. And they do it way better than dems. Of course they have effective media to help.

Literally no down side

No one…

It was reactive. In response to…

When you© "Anyone who believes this or that is a racist (bigot, homophobe, whatever) it is personal to everyone who believes it.

You are blind in your left eye.


Ah, a Superior Being. Got it.

So this is interesting.

You make an op which everyone agrees with - no one can defend the words of trump here.

And yet within a few posts your still attacking people you perceive as liberals even though they agree with your opening remarks. And in fact you are now excusing the words you condemned and blaming liberals for them.


The royal you’s sycophants are worse.

Southern strategy…


Well, that’s all a topic for another day. This is about the leader of the gop’s response to the death of Powell.