Trump Comments on Colin Powell's Passing

I just hope to god we have a better choice in 2024 than Trump vs. Biden.


Well, that’s up to you but this comment has nothing to do with him getting policy passed.

And the GOP is currently making some rancid sausage.

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Bites should be “votes”. Darn phone.

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A lot of the people your ilk call racist, ignorant, deplorables, etc. fall into that same category.

There’s a lot of resentment built up over the years.

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We’re not gonna.

It’s almost guaranteed.


You should pretend to be me more often. But I’ll answer for myself if that’s ok with you.


No. He is the release of the resentment.

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Are you equating political general rhetoric on a message board with an official statement made by the leader of the gop about a decorated vet who served the country for decades?

You think they are comparable?


Biden is not controlled by progs?

Yes, and to the crap the leaders of your party have said about us for decades.

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My apologies, I did not mean you specifically but you collectively

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Kind of.

But what bothers me is before trump, the same people snickering and cheering these kind of vile statements would be calling Powell a hero.

It’s hard to figure.

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Just wait til they throw lib policies in the grind come 2022. That should really turn your stomach.

Here you go. Don’t forget to hit the big red “Contribute” button if you visit his site.


Ah, I thought you meant Trump. “Controlled by”? Probably not as much as “beholden to”. Jbiden just wants to be President.

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Not a gracious bone in his body.

As opposed to the gop who is totally polite and respectful.

But there is a significant difference between general rhetoric and personal attacks.

You don’t support the Troops!!!