Trump campaign files first lawsuit in PA; Barr announces probe into fraud questions

It looks like things are heating up on the legal front. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania:

Here is a link to the text of suit, which includes multiple claims of violations of voting laws and procedures.

At the same time the Attorney General has launched a federal investigation into questions about alleged voter fraud.

I expect that the lawsuit is just the first of many. I would not be surprised to see criminal charges coming eventually as well.


Justice Alito orders Pennsylvania officials to separate ballots that arrived after Election Day

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Yes, that is a related question.

I think that core arguments are that creation of new requirements and procedures by for mail-in ballots by the governor is a violation of the US constitution, and the new procedures ignore many of the safeguards present in with in-person voting.

The Constitution is clear that the state legislature sets the rules:
Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress . . . Article 2, section 1


This is a stupid argument as the legislature is but one of three branches in a state. These are local state issues and the federal constitution reserves the power to the state. By putting the thumb on the scale for the legislature, the federal government would be interfering with the local politics of the state.

Next thing I’ll hear is governors can’t veto election bill because the US constitution doesn’t specifically state that or election bills are not subject to any judicial oversight. It’s patently ridiculous and constitutionally illiterate.


UPDATE: Another lawsuit has been filed by Republican poll watchers in Michigan. It claims fraud and violations of voting procedure.

The suit includes sworn affidavits alleging violations of election laws:

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And in the Detroit MI poll workers training class, instructors taught the workers how to manipulate poll watchers, and count all ballots including late and challenged ballots No corruption here, you there now move along! Mff Mff


The executive has made changes without the consent of the legislature. That appears to be an direct violation of the US Constitution. In contrast, the Constitution is explicit that the executive may make temporary appointments for Senators:

When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct. 17th amendment

There is no provision in the federal constitution for the executive to override the legislature related to selection of presidential electors.

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But the Pennsylvania court said the state constitution’s free and equal elections clause required an accommodation in light of mail delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a state issue.

Congress can override the states in the election laws, but the state legislature cannot override their constitution. The state can change their constitution, too.

Haven’t been posting or reading through too much…

I have a question…Is the general consensus that EVERY SINGLE VOTE FOR TRUMP is a valid vote?? No fraud?? Trump won every vote that is in his favor??

Just wondering??

The elections haven’t been certified yet, but so far there hasn’t been any proven fraud on either side.It seems that the election went relatively smooth. No evidence had been brought before a court. No names named. Nothing.

None of this is going to change the result of the election.

This is a transparent move to delegitimize the Biden administration. That’s all.

It is a dangerous game that the GOP is playing here.


Well that isn’t accurate, an affidavit is evidence.

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You mean this one?

“This morning, we received a redacted Affidavit that does not contain the individual’s name, signature or contact information. As it stands, our office has not yet received a formal complaint and cannot conduct an investigation without such critical details. This office takes allegations of voter fraud extremely seriously and works with our elections officials, as well as law enforcement partners in Nevada and other states, to investigate and prosecute voter fraud when warranted by the evidence.”

That’s not what I asked.

Are there allegations of Republican fraud?? Or does everyone pretty much agree that a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump??

This one.


Over the weekend, a lawsuit was filed in Detroit by two poll observers, also known as “challengers,” alleging a wide range of fraud claims. The suits, which includes affidavits signed by five poll challengers and one City of Detroit employee, asks officials to “void the election” and order a new one in Wayne County.

They’d already done that before Election Day…it came out of the case the SCOTUS did not take up right before Election Day.

But I know how you love to think this is a “developing story”.

It also won’t matter…those ballots number about 4,000…they won’t factor materially in the election.

Trump is not gaining momentum.

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I’m sure that is the general consensus amongst Trump supporters…

I don’t ever want to hear"both sides are the same"

One side lost a close election, said this sucked, and yes mobilized the next day to ensure that they would win the next election.

The other side throw baseless claims, ridiculous lawsuits, and non stop crap against the wall that even if accurate (and it’s not) doesn’t change enough votes in enough states to change the outcome but does weaken the faith in the American voting proccess.

No, both sides are not the same. One side loves America even though sometimes doesn’t love who the American People vote for.

The other side wants to create so much chaos and doubt that the American system is broken beyond repair all because they can’t take defeat.



Good. Then there can be NO excuses. Had Justice Alito not intervened, that’s exactly what there’d be and it would be labeled…an accident…a human error.

Cue Russia Russia Russia in 3…2…1…

Which even if one thinks was politically motivated wasn’t an attempt to overturn the election. Clinton never claimed she won the election and that votes for Trump were fraudulent.