Trump call for new elections in Arizona

Trump is calling for the election to be redone in Arizona citing fraud.

How can anyone support this idiot?


The sociopathic moron didn’t even know that an agreement had been made in Arizona.

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Someone is going to take him seriously and people are going to get hurt.

That’s already happened.

Arizona isn’t even controversial, just slow … what an idiot…

Poor Donald simply cannot fathom how he could ever be wrong or disliked.


There is another thing. Trump always thinks things happen as soon as he tells them to happen. Sign an order to upgrade US nuclear deterrent… boom he thinks he just upgraded our nuclear deterrent. Sign a defense bill, boom…I just fixed defense. Sign a bill on the VA, boom…I just fixed the VA. He also doesn’t get time zones. Goes along with that.

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Can we have a new election for 2016 as well? Or maybe even a new primary?

Yeah, the WH and RNC aren’t happy that McSally isn’t trying to promote the conspiracy theories.

I thought he said his party won incredible victories.


He’s worried about corrupted elections now? Where was he from 2016 until now? What an idiot.

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This is a preview of what will happen in 2020 if Trump loses.

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Unfortunately, this is the new normal. This type of thinking was legitimized in the 2016 election - perhaps one of the most destructive casualties of our republic in recent times.

Fat Donald is a scum sucking idiot pretending to be president of all the people. He was mostly elevated to office by large numbers of fellow idiots. He has no clue how things work and the idiots that voted for him don’t care.

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It’s always about the projection. They fret the were not able to steal the election because the other party ‘stole it’. This circular reasoning is deployed to rationalizing policies aimed at stealing elections in the first place.

Trump calls for something extremely STUPID and Trumplicans cheer!

God love America!

Most ignorant president ever.


MAGA :us:

Imagine Obama calling for a new election or suggesting it

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But, but, Venezuela!!

You’re not supposed to take Donald seriously or literally. He’s using hyperbole to make a point.