Trump brokerage fee from Russia?

Twitter thread breaking down some evidence that Trump received a commission on the Rosneft.

It’s a long thread, but filled with verified dates of meetings with various trump/russian/qatar players. Very interesting.

Of course it’s not proof, but it’s a good effort at stringing together the known information into a plausible explanation or guess as to what Mueller is looking into.

There is video of him going into Trump Tower with in December 2016.

Trump Tower 12-12-16
Go to 7:42:30 and watch for 30 seconds (entrance with Mr. Cohen).
And then proceed to 9:08:15 and watch for 35 seconds (exit). #Basta

Ahhhhhhhhh…since the dossier has been out for almost two years now, this must have been hidden and required a secret decoder ring on the finger of the interpreter to fully grasp what was being said?

I don’t think we knew the dossier said anything abut brokerage fees to trump.

I’m not sure your Little Orphan Annie decoder will work for the dossier. You might want to upgrade.

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Not proof? Ok. Then its a hypothetical.
A 19% brokerage fee would be a huge amount. If Mueller cant track that down, then you are wasting your time praising him.
When Mueller can document this vast amount of money being transferred from Putin to Trump, we will really be on to something.
Until then, amuse yourselves imagining.

Do you understand how investigations work? You know you aren’t presented all the evidence on day one and then just type up a report, correct?

It’s not 19% It’s 0.5%, or 230M or there about.

Should be able to find it though…assuming he can look a the Trump tax returns etc…

Anyone who thinks Mueller doesn’t have Trump’s returns are deluding themselves.

Is Mueller still looking into it?

Do many people think that, Mueller doesn’t have Trump’s returns? I assume he has them. Seems like that would be one of the things he’d get.

Because Trump would surely have a section titled $230M in bribes from Putin.

it’s comical watching people react to stuff. it’s like everyone has cut the cable and you can’t stream Law & Order anymore.

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Mueller has The Don’s tax returns, bank account information you name it.

If not he’s a worthless investigator.

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I have no idea if many think that, but IMO, there are likely those that do.

But lets ask those on this board - anyone here that
think Mueller doesn’t have Trump’s tax return?

Boo for no edit feature.

I will try again.

Anyone here think Mueller doesn’t have Trump’s returns?

The last thing a Russian election colluding criminal would do, would be be to fail to report their Russian colluding income. Or a “brokerage fee”, from Vladimir.

How do you suppose the would hide that kind of income?

How do yo think someone would hide 230M dollars?

Maybe Mueller knows how. Hope he tells us, soon, if he does.