Trump blew it by blabbing


I haven’t heard, seen or read anything that the mighty Trump has said to cause this. In all honesty, I just think this is par for the course with Kim.

…but ■■■■ it, let’s blame Trump anyhow, him and his big hands screwing up the world.


Donald’s elephantine mitts are the only effective counter to Chuck Norris. If they can stop Norris, just imagine what they can do to diplomatic relations.


That’s the real secret of Trump, everyone thinks it’s his tremendous superhuman sandwich grabbers, but it’s really his thick golden mane that gives him his powers.

…ah, if only I could wield those mighty locks for a day.


Nothing I can respond with is going to top “superhuman sandwich grabbers” so I’ma just bow out gracefully.


All you left wing, hate Trump for everything people, just can’t stand it. Take shots at your President any chance you get. Rocket man was already told that nothing would change, including military drills and sanctions until they were totally, verifiable, and unreversible nuclear free. Rocket man has two options, #1 denuclearization and become a responsible nation diplomatically or, #2 we do it for them. Their are no other options!!! We could bribe them with billions of American taxpayers dollars like the almighty Barack did with Iran , and take their word for it. No… I think I’ll go with President Trump’s way!!!


No. I have been informed numerous times that Trump has no effect on the occurrences in Korea.


They would a thousand times more have conflict in Korea than have to admit that Trump handled anything correctly. I stated in the thread about the Nobel Prize that it was way to early for that sort of talk. Kim is too unstable and has played these games for years.
If the talks come back on and some advance is made, will they say that what Trump said had an affect on the outcome…No, they will say that it is ridiculous to think that Trump saying anything affects the situation.


Only bad effects. It’s not a unbreakable partisan trap to point out that dummies aren’t useful in delicate situations. The solution is to not put a dummy in that situation next time.


Amazing that you would blame the US instead of North Korea. No, really I guess its not.


I have been informed numerous times that Trump has every effect on the occurrences in Korea.


What’s your solution? Send Obama and Clinton and hundreds of billions of dollars and hope they play nice? Trump is the reason that they’re even talking about meeting. I know you Lefty’s will never admit it, but that’s your problem. Your side already tried a few times, but failed. By the way, NOKO hasn’t pulled out of anything. Their state media only said , what effect will the military drills have on the summit? And now you have all the usual media outlets reporting things that haven’t happened and exaggerating the story.


To make it clear, Kim was specific that planned exercises between the US and South Korea are behind his threat to end the meeting, not something Trump said to hurt his feelings.
In other words, he is making demands for unilateral action on the part of the US and South Korea without negotiating anything. It has nothing to do with calling him Rocketman or honorable.
Basically, this is the same situation Reagan faced in the US against Russia, with the left once again blaming the US and demanding we cave.


I think Trump parking 6 strike battle groups off his coast had a little bit to do with it.


I have little doubt but that the display of our military might by Trump had a great deal to do with Kim being interested in talks at all.


Either way, none of it matters. If he doesn’t agree to denuclearization and doesn’t want to negotiate, we will do it for them.


No we won’t.


Are you kidding me? I love that big mitted Orange Creamsicle!


I think he just sent Kim a hand selfie. That fearsome sight would bring the worst tyrant to the negotiating table.


You can talk trash all you want. Oh …wait a minute, isn’t that what you guys say Trump does? Oh yeah, the hippocracy thing. I forgot. Still haven’t seen your solution. Cause you don’t have one.


Most Trumpers in this thread are completely oblivious to North Korea’s MO.