Trump blew it by blabbing

North Korea talks are down the tubes because he gave away how important this win was to Donnie. Losers!

For those wondering …

Who expected something different?

Even though the nuclear threat still exists that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, you win cuz Trump looks bad? Sir…that’s the mindset of the real loser.


This was honestly likely no matter what the President did or didn’t do.

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The orange idiot just can’t keep his trap shut.

That’s an interesting thing to make up out of whole cloth.

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That’s the mindset of almost every trump voter…because liberal tears and Hillary lost…that’s the whole platform

It was fun for a while, but now watching Trump lose at checkers against himself is a snooze.

Who said anything about anybody winning?

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And Trumpy talked so nicely about Little Rocket Man.

Nooo, You inhabit the loser mindset. Donnie propping himself up only to have the rug pulled out from underneath. Blowhard Blow it. Nothing has changed. There seemed to be a glimmer of hope but Big Boy Donnie couldnt keep a low enough profile to keep the meeting on tap. Same as it ever was. We are not at a bigger threat. Same threat. Different day.

To be honest, did you see the movie" The Interview"? See I was hoping a kind of opposite scenario would have taken place.

Can someone explain to me how this is Trumps fault?
They Drill was an annual Drill that was to be most likely discussed at the Meeting between Kim and Trump.

So what did Trump actually say to cause this to happen?

You must not have read the OP?

Trump was taking credit for the negotiations. Trump was saying he was going to get the Nobel for it. Trump literally did nothing except let Kim know how it was going to bolster Trumps platform and it was an important win to him.

Its a Kim Win know. Hey Dotard!

im gonna have to push back on this somewhat. The leading idea is that trumps “madman” strategy might have brought kim to the table. While not 100% the reason it did play a factor in it. Kind of like Wilson with Stalin. That being said Kim finding any excuse to back out is kind of expected. Blowing up the tunnels is a PR move and nothing more. In the end the real person who looses here is Moon.If talks break down and everything resets, hopefully he will understand he was played by both of them.

Kim may have done this to test trump and see where he would go with it. See what he could and couldnt push. Then on the flip side you have to wonder how much Iran is playing into this.

Sorry…winning if Trump didn’t win.

How did Donald blow this by blabbing? Granted, I only skimmed the article but to me this sounds like North Korea’s response to US/South Korea military exercises, not anything Donald said.

Seems like little more than posturing for a better negotiating position.

We won’t give him any credit for inspiring the talks, but we damn sure can gripe about him blowing the deal…cause that’s how we roll.

I’m just wondering if something specific was said by Donald, because as yet I haven’t found it.