Trump blew it by blabbing


I did take the Hippocratic Oath, after all.

And my solution is to praise Donald as our high Lord and big fisted master! Kim will fold like a house made of rice paper in the face of our great President’s yooge extremities, believe me. It’s what many, many people are saying.



Huh? The North Koreans have wanted bilateral meetings like this for decades.


Yes. North Korea’s whole goal is to be treated as an equal to us. They do this by threatening nuclear war. And we’re not supposed to give them a seat at the table because of threats. Trump made a mistake.


And the Trump haters are Soo educated in it? All I’ve seen is trash talking. Everyone, well… not everyone, but most everyone knows that NOKO is not to be trusted and likes to play games and try’s to negotiate things with all intentions of not adhering to them. Trump’s gotten China to squeeze NOKO which no other President has gotten to do, plus the strongest sanctions ever placed on them. Trump has given them two options. Hopefully they’ll take the first option.


You Lefty’s just can’t stand seeing a successful President Trump. It just eats you up! If Clinton was President, we’d probably be sending them cargo planes full of money and giving Kim a room at the White House. And dodging ICBM’s in between his visits. LMAO!!!


IMO…NK will be there as scheduled. This is just a show but I don’t think Trump will back off the war excercises.


So if it goes down as scheduled, you’ll admit you’re the real blowhard and start another thread about how you were wrong, Trump was right, you’re sorry and let’s rock on?:sunglasses:


Fake news!!!


I think they probably go on as scheduled, too. NK has wanted this prestige for a long time; I don’t think they’ll chuck an easy win for no reason. And it may be a great thing that Trump is going to talk to Kim. Hey, nothing else has worked–give it a shot. This is a classic It’s Okay to Do This If You’re a Republican situation. Fine.

But setting up talks was always the easy part. Bush or Obama could have chosen that, but didn’t. The substance of the transaction is the thing. What are they really going to agree to, give up, and follow through on? And do any of you really think this won’t involve some financial incentives, as in the past?


I’m sorry but you are out of your depth here.


IMO, the visits by Pompeo have set the stage of what must be done prior for it to happen and what the goal is at the meeting. Evidently NK is blowing up tunnels, dismantling equipment and sending the dismantled equipment to Tennessee. On the day of the meeting, I don’t believe there’s any mincing of words. Once Trump arrives, if NK wants to play, he’s out of there immediately. I’ve never seen nor heard a raw and crude President like we have now. I’ve also never seen any human ever withstand the verbal assaults from most every angle possible who then delivers sometimes even bigger blows right back. Trump plainly stated months ago what he was going to do and did it verbosely. Now he appears to be doing it and I hope all goes well for all of us.


And we’ve never seen a President this susceptible to flattery, pomp, and other kinds of nonsense, including his own apparent inability to resist the immediate gratification of his emotional needs. Also, paradoxically, he’s proven to be weirdly conflict averse at crucial times. You seem to view him as some sort of cartoon strong man. I don’t.


You pegged me. I have faith in the checks and balances of our system that mentally allows me to be at peace. I’ve got other fish to fry.


I flagged this because I did see the movie and you just admitted hoping for the death of President Trump.


What exactly did he do that other administrations haven’t?


This post makes me understand the importance of a strong diplomatic corps and state department, which would provide a stronger check against Trump’s numerous foreign policy blunders.


Since there’s “numerous” foreign policy blunders to choose from IYO, can you please list just 5?


Kim Jung Un is part of the DC swamp. And Trump got flattered by him like a girl getting spoken to by her crush


Sure, his failed rap battle with the North Korean midget maniac; withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement; dropping the Iran deal; kneeling for Russia; and pursuing a trade war with China.

Blunder after blunder.