Trump + Biden both doing dualing campaign events AGAIN-yesterday in Tampa + today in Minnesota

Update for Friday: Biden last minute planning change has them suddenly coming into Minnesota-is that a red flag of Dems concern?

Also, Democrat run governor and attorney general making Trump campaign proclaim this visit into Minnesota a “peaceful protest”-probably to try and limit massive crowds- see Trump website not any longer calling it a rally.

Original post from yesterday follows:

My guess at least 25,000 people attend the Trump rally at Raymond James Stadium where the Tampa football team play their home games this afternoon @ 1:30PM vs maybe 25 cars and 250 supporters are over at Biden’s drive in event starting at 6:30PM.

If anybody else wants to guess for attendance figures at both by all means post them up.

Also feel free to discuss why this contrast is potentially a good or bad thing for each respective candidate in trying to win anymore (undecided) votes in Florida.

Comparing crowd sizes during a pandemic. This is 100% on brand for Trump supporters.


I suspect a lot of Florida seniors and others concerned about the pandemic aren’t very impressed with Trump’s “Will You Die For Me” rallies.


If all the Biden supporters go, there’ll be Jill, Hunter, the libs from Hannity Land so…somewhere around a hundred. :sunglasses:

And also reinforces his subliminal message that Covid is a hoax.

Is is remarkable how tired and worn out trump looks lately while biden has alot of energy…


How do asymptomatic carriers transmit a virus from inside of their vehicle to others inside of separate vehicles? Explain that one for me please.


Which is the point of having drive in events instead of super spread ones like droopy don…

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I predict Trump will crush Biden in both live attendees and Corona transmission rates.


Inside. Uh henh, you mean like dis?

I know, “but the masks” thingy right?

Ever the optimist…

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Let’s see… Trump is doing multiple rallies a day across several time zones while Joe might do 1 a day. Right, the guy that had to take 6 days off to prepare for a debate is the energetic one…


Droppy don looks very tired and worn out at all these rallies…his face is literally sagging…

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Do you guys fight this hard over wearing pants in public too? Why wasn’t the Freeberty argument raised or ever made in history over “No shirt, no shoes, no dice” signs in every store and restaurant? Really weird.

For all my Stoner Rock compadres our there, Fu Manchu sings the lament of “no shirt, no shoes, no dice”, the rallying cry of a blue haired generation.


bUt SuPeR sPrEaDeR!

My thoughts exactly.

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I find it simply amazing that the same people who whine about other people not wearing protection over their faces in public are the same ones who whine about having to wear protection during sex.

Said nobody ever. What the hell? Lol