Trump barely coherent, shambling mess during UN speech

Lost in the avalanche of Trump corruption stories today, is the fact that Trump attempted to speak at the UN

I don’t think he’s going to make it.

Sounds like a Biden day except that’s the norm for Crazy Joe.

Did you watch the video of Trump?

No but I see Biden every day. :rofl:

It would be very illuminating if you watched even a couple of minutes of his speech.

He knows…

That you got him now!!

Let us know when they impeach him.

They’re working on it right now, actually.


Fat donald is a mess without his Adderall.

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Did he grow another chin?

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And the bidens (pick one) need all those millions for cocaine.

But, but, Biden!!

I was assured by rush that this shambling so-called speech was “daggers to the globalists in the room”. Hahahahaha lol :rofl:

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I’ve been watching the speech. It’s coherent and he is giving the other nations a clear steer as to how he is turning the US economy around and empowering its citizens and seeking to reconfigure international trade practices. What is wrong with the speech?

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I watched most of the speech, it was just sad. People thought the teleprompter was too far away and that was why he was squinting the entire time.




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It was delivered in a monotone. The pauses didn’t correspond with any punctuation. It was as though he had no idea what he was saying. It was as though he was just mouthing a collection of words randomly plucked out of the air.

Did you watch the speech in the link I posted? Or a CNN three minute distillation.

I haven’t watched CNN in weeks. I watched part of the speech live broadcast on Sky News (UK) earlier this morning and some of the speech in the link provided.

There was no cadence, no expression in his speech.

That’s just plain untrue, as a viewing of the speech will make evident to anyone who cares to see for themself.