Trump barely coherent, shambling mess during UN speech

Given your claim one would have to ask the question, have you actually watched it?

Do you think there was anything in that speech that Ross didn’t already know? Good opportunity for the old man to catch forty.

He sounds robotic. Siri could have delivered that speech.

It is very true piglet.

He’s starting to look like Jabba the Hutt.

i heard he pulled out a sharpie…

I heard that speech. Your characterization of it is ridiculous. And I can’t stand the way he talks.

the left just hears pops and buzzes unless the speech is pro-globalist and about America in decline.

The problem is that it WAS such a solid message.



I think you’re right. Most globalists can’t handle more than five sentences of truth in half an hour without suffering some kind of allergic reaction

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Best speech ever. Obama wishes he had the ability to wow a room like Trump does. I know haters are going to hate, but honestly if you don’t like the speech trump gave to the UN you probably hate America.

Is this what you used to gauge the quality of the speech:

"he was reading slowly, he didn’t repeat himself a bunch of times which he has always done in the past".

Yeah. Lets do a 25th based on a cherry picked 32 seconds from a speech.

Did you pay attention the substance, though? Trump is finally getting Mexico to work with us on protecting our border.

Trump 2020.

Well, ultimately its going to be “but Biden” or “But Warren”, come election day, isn’t it?

There appear to be increasingly significant neurological/mental health issues taking their toll on Donald. From a non-partisan, humanitarian point of view you would think someone, espcially his family, would take the time to step in and intervene to help this poor elderly man. Why won’t they?

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You aren’t watching it through bias lenses. :+1::grin:

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“Ahead we have a strong furniture…and future”.
He is a cheeseburger short of a combo meal.

Ol’ wilbur couldn’t even keep his eyes open

Mexico sent a check for the wall, eh?