Trump banners made in China

come on…how much of this are we expected to take?

Note how the campaigns are pushing to get heir orders shipped before trump.s tariffs kick in.

I realize this is a year old, but it’s still funny.

Its hilarious. His supporters are truly fools being taken for a ride by this con man.

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Make China Great Again!!

for someone who love America so much he sure doesn’t like to hire them.

I don’t find this funny at all and like anything there are people selling on internet to make profit off of the Trump name! I am sure this is not sanctioned by the Trump / Pence Campaign. Anything can be manufactured and sold online!

Dude. Trump campaign managers are right there in with these Chinese producers. Lol.

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The Trump campaign is paying for them.

Don’t worry folks, Trump hugged an American flag… so it’s all good!

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I wonder where it was made……………….

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From Fact Check

But, Reuters reported, Yao “says the buyers are located in both China and abroad and she doesn’t know if they are affiliated with Trump’s official campaign or the Republican Party.”

A search of the campaign’s reports for “collateral” shows many other payments for products such as T-shirts, mugs and hats — but none to the Chinese factories in question. Many purchases are from Ace Specialties in Louisiana and Cali-Fame in California.

So maybe get back to us when you find out who actually placed the orders.

He’s the guy…who makes the new world order happen.

China is manufacturing
Britain exiting the union becomes the banking center,
And well… The US is the military might, medical center, and majority consumer of the worlds product.

Trump must be stopped.

Come on guys, Trump is just doing his best to make Gyna great again.

Oh wait - I don’t think that was his campaign slogan. What was that slogan again…


California and Louisiana are not in Gyna although there is a huge population of Gynaeese in Calif.

Well now there you go again, inserting a measure of truth sidetracking the hysteria.
Cries of racism in 5, 4, 3…

Was it a hug?

It looked like he staggered and grabbed the flag to keep from falling down. I wonder about his health.


The Trump campaign’s finance reports also show a $1,524 order to a company in Wisconsin for “flags”.

Said Wisconsin company neither makes nor sells flags. Hmm…

Additionally the campaign didn’t respond to the question as to who else besides them would be making Trump banners who could have possibly placed the orders to the Chinese company.

I’d rate this question as still “up in the air” but I wouldn’t be repeating it around without even further investigation.

And personally I don’t care, so someone else will have to do the investigating…

This is a perfect example of TDS in action!

So desperate to find stuff you can’t stand to take, that you have to regurgitate stuff from a year ago fuel your derangement.

A dozen others joined the party.

A few minutes of research to find that the flag in question is not available on the official Trump campaign website…

But is available on Amazon, EBay and other private company sites not affiliated with the campaign.

A few minutes of searching finds that the flag in question is not available on the Trump campaign site…

Trump site

but is available on various third party sites such as Amazon, EBay and others not affiliated with the campaign.

Didn’t well all go through this same Make China Great Again nonsense back in 2016?

Why yes, we did.

They have to be licensed through the campaign to sell those trademarked items. Sorry, but it still has the campaign’s stamp of approval.

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I can go get a banner printed Trump 2020 TODAY if I want. Violates no trademark.