Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Sorry but I have always been vocal of my disdain for Hillary


So if you have “great policies”, that gives you license to be classless?


Of course. :wink::wink:


Some of his policies have the potential to do a great deal of good. Such as another pro life justice might save a great many lives.

Hillary is as classless as they come and with horrible policies.


You didn’t answer the question.


He was. I read a lot of his post on the other forum.

There were several liberals on the old board who despised Hillary more than conservatives did.


I did actually you just didn’t like the answer.


Exactly. Unlike yourself I don’t reward my party when they give me candidates I don’t approve of


I specifically asked if having “good policies” (i.e. policies with which you agree) is a license to be classless.


Nothing in your answer referred to whether his policies justify his lack of class


I’m sure they said the same about Churchill.


Are you the poster who once said all the muslims in England/London looked unhappy?


how much disdain?

enough to vote for the only candidate who could have beaten her?


Enough to vote for Gary Johnson. While I despised Hillary my feeling towards Trump are even worse


Right. :wink::wink:


You got nothing


yeah… you did nothing to stop her. We had to.


He would do far better selling those policies at home and abroad if he didn’t behave like an immature ■■■■ wit all the time. Self-sabotage at its finest.


I wasn’t trying to stop her. My goal (which I knew was impossible) was to ensure enough votes that the libertarian party could become a viable 3rd party option in the future. I disliked Hillary (and still do) but not a much as I dislike Trump


Considering the razor-thin margins by which Trump took several key states, every non-vote for Hillary was very effective in stopping her from winning.