Trump attacks Sessions for Enforcing the Law

So, just to set it all out here, this is the sitting President attacking his attorney general for bringing legitimate charges (Insider Trading and very gross use of campaign funds) against people he likes.

I think Mr Wittes here put it best:

Frankly, this should be an impeachment level offense by itself.


Oh and let’s just follow that up with this bit of insanity;

Somebody get the President his binky.

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Just another Monday and we are numb to it while congress fiddles it’s thumbs

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…90% support from the party who pretends they value “law and order”

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How else can anyone see this type of behavior as anything other than reprehensible?


and of course he has to lie because reasons

Trump is not interested in the truth or what is right but rather what is beneficial to him. He is a liar and a cheat, those that continue to support him know this but simply do not care.

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Um. Wow. Just. Wow.

Sure it has nothing to do with the fact Hunter and whatshisname were two of his earliest supporters.

something is going to drop on tuesday

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What’s really sick are the crimes committed by so many people in and around this administration.

This man and his cult are truly abhorrent.


One of the fun facts about Hunter, is he learned all he knows from his father…who got away with it for decades.

2/3 of this country are currently being held hostage by the witless, immoral 1/3 that supports Trump no matter how criminal his behavior.

That’s not going to last.


Let’s hope so…I’m beginning to worry that the crooks will win.

If Democrats do not flip at least the house then yes and expect a double dose of crazy for good measure

I’m beginning to worry that we deserve this…that we really really deserve this for how we’ve monkeyed up the world.

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We have entered a new age that is for sure, Donald Trump proved you can be a lying, cheating, scum bag and still win the highest office in the land.

There is no coming back now, regardless of left or right

Civility and looking at problems through “good faith” is gone its all about the “win”,

I doubt it, this is fat donald at his best.

yeah but usually lashes out on twitter because he has no other outlet for all of his frustration…though this might still be leftover angst from the McCain deal