Trump Announces Platinum Plan, $500 Billion for Black-Owned Businesses

Will also designate kkk as a terrorist organization.

Add to this Trump’s pledge for school choice and he could turn around a century of dimocrat damage within a single decade.


School choice? How would that work? Is he giving states additional funding for school vouchers?

I ask because I pay local school taxes and want to know how this will affect my school district.

Lol this is pure desperation. And strategically senseless.


And yet libs will still bitch and moan…


Should be noted that Trump is speaking to all groups and demographics, while biden is holed-up in Delaware, and won’t address most Americans or even his adoring media.

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Face it libs…a successful educated Black business owner is direct threat to your rule.

We know what’s going on…and so do you.


Michael Bloomberg and 42,000 Florida minority felons :heart: this post


Someone please explain the timing on this one for me.

Libs like to reward those criminal element while punish those that want to work and contribute to society.


Trump has pretty good history of keeping his promises…try it sometimes.


Yes…I wonder why. :thinking:

Keep in mind that this was before the dimocrat unions decided to shut down schools this fall as well.

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Making lynching a national hate crime. He sounds like a Democrat here. Proposing a cure for a disease that no longer exists…and no politician dare oppose.

Blacks make up about 13 percent of population while only contribute about 4.5 percent of nation GDP.

That’s where the real travesty is. More successful Blacks are easier on society as a whole.

Courting biden’s ignored voters.

But it’s okay, because biden will just say they’re “not black” anyway.

And sauce for the goose.

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Come on libs…are you all denying this is a good thing?

You all talk about investing in our future.

What happen?

Well, see, he’s been in office since Jan 20th, 2017.
Someone within his campaign this morning went “Trump, you are losing in polls. We need to find something that might work. How about making KKK a terrorist organization?”

Still bitching and moaning…I thought that what you all wanted?

No he doesn’t, but its useless to argue with one of his most ardent supporters.

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He’s trying to get votes. Last time he went for the union workers in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. At this time he’s trying to court black and elderly voters. You’re going to sound like your opposition if you’re trying to court their voters.