Trump administration tightens green card access

(Aside: The MSM headlines say that Trump Administration WILL DENY, but the actual proposal COULD deny. Just saying…)

I’m not so eager to welcome immigrants who will be a drain on the public teat. Come on in if you’re going to contribute to this society! :hugs: But if you’re going to cost us more than you contribute, I see no reason to accommodate that. :-1:


Excellent news. Educated or trade-skilled immigrants only, please.

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I get the point, I really do but Twelve out of thirty six months is not a lot. I would bump that up

do you know if you can convert international college credits into American college credits 1 to 1. Does an international equivalent of a BA automatically convert to a BA in these here United States? Thanks in advance.

. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…”

Never mind…

Can a person who is a doctor internationally apply automatically for a license in the United States?

How long does an LLM take?

Is Toefl required in order to convert a degree?

Is Speaking English upon arrival required?

I’m wondering the same thing myself. Does a BA in Technology from Bombay automatically convert to one of the same in the US?

A poem on a statue.

Can you name any law on the books, or founding document that demonstrates that as public policy??

And finally, it doesn’t say “just walk across the unsecured border and get free stuff”. But that’s what dimocrats are advertising.


Not a bad idea

I think this is terrific. I think there also should be a law that all welfare recipients should be drug tested before getting any part of tax payers money.

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That ^^

Further, that plaque was an add-on.

The Statue of Liberty was created to celebrate LIBERTY. Not immigration.

The abuse of that poem by the Left to justify unfettered immigration is rather naive.

Immigrants who were heartened to see that statue during Ellis Island’s heyday had to undergo far more scrutiny back then than immigrants do now (or than immigrants will have to do under the new guidelines.)


Sorta like…"One nation under God "…and “In god we trust”…are add ons…Both added in the 50’s during the Red Scare…


That last paragraph - are you referring to legal immigrants? If so you won’t be able to support that assertion because it’s not based in reality.

I am all for this as long as the educated people are only required to pass an English test in order to convert their education into American education and are issued some sort of confirmation form the government that they hold a degree. This goes for professionals like doctors and lawyers too. Good luck.

No, it doesn’t. The money machine won’t do it.

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A french statue.

Don’t let those einstein visas go to waste!

Nicknamed the “Einstein Visa”, the [EB-1] is in theory reserved for people who are highly acclaimed in their field - the government cites Pulitzer, Oscar, and Olympic winners as examples - as well as respected academic researchers and multinational executives.

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What an elitist policy…

We take plenty of wretched refuse. Lets take a few who will be of benefit to the country.

Nor should our immigration policies be determined by a little ditty on a NYC tourist attraction.
Statutes, not statues.

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She speaks 5 languages.

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