Trump accuses Maria Bartiromo of "fake news" to her face


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There you go.

Thread was about Trump calling something fake news that blatantly wasn’t so again exposing that he uses “fake news” as a comeback for anything that irritates him even with someone who is his supporter and not a usual target.

You are trying to turn it into a debate about fox being fair and balanced because of that, though that’s not a huge derail and more like a tangent.

That’s exactly what it means. How could it be more clear - Trump said it himself right there: “hey, we agreed you wouldn’t ask me that…”

Outside of obvious Trump supporting conservative pundits on Fox, who else would be in the bag for Trump? Would their latest hire Donna Brazil be one of those who you are referring to as in the bag?

So Fox News had some agreement not to ask Trump certain questions?

Isn’t Fox mostly a cavalcade of Trump supporting pundits? I mean, sometimes their numbers wane slightly when they find themselves in hot water but there’s an unending well to draw from.

I have no idea but his comments sounded strange huh?

The thread was about calling out Fox News and Trump supporters, in the form of Trump bashing. My responses were well in line with that subject matter. Your call out post on the other hand…………….

The operative word was accidental. Bartiromo made it clear her line of questioning wasn’t accidental.

Sounds like Fox agreed that they would report the President a certain way. Or that Trump expects that of Fox.

But that certainly wasn’t the case.

The shows that get ratings are all in the tank for Trump. Fox and friends, outnumbered, the five, the entire prime time block. Even things like Baier are not “fair and balanced” just toned down a bit and more respectable, but It’s fair and balanced like a cnn/msnbc panel is fair and balanced when it has one trump supporter on talking to three others that disagree with them.

I dont know how trumpsters can handle this.

Isn’t that true on any network? Are their news shows the ones garnering the ratings or is it their entertainment shows?


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Looking at their lineup, it seems you’re mistaken.

Not a lot of left leaning pundits. One, maybe two? I guess Shepard Smith is the most left leaning that’s a headliner. What do you think?

And Shep isnt a pundit.

The fairest in the land.

None of them watch Fox anymore after Pirro was put in the penalty box. #FakeNews