Trump accuses Maria Bartiromo of "fake news" to her face

but I thought I was real news…

Trump sycophants think “Fake News” is hilarious when it’s directed at their competition, Jim Acosta, whoever. But but but i’ll never be fake news i’m nice to Trump. Yeah about that, you’re not fake news WHILE saying things Trump likes, that’s all there is to it. I like how Maria tries to say it’s not fake news, it works as well as Acosta trying to get SHS to not call the press the enemy of the people. Will Hannity be the last one Trump accuses of fake news?

Call me crass or alarmist, but things like this make me think he has real cognitive issues.

This is the man republicans support.


“You shouldn’t have brought it up,” Trump said, visibly agitated. “Actually, I thought you weren’t supposed to bring it up, but that’s okay, Fake news every once in a while.”

When Bartiromo closed out that section of the interview, she said, “for the record, there were no conditions or stipulations agreed to ahead of the interview.”

Take notice - this is what’s rigged. Fox news is a propaganda arm.


They do more than support him…

They idolize and whoreship him…

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I would love to see a member of the press call trump out as a liar to his face.


It would be nice if all the people here who play the “fake news” game to just stop if they aren’t blatant troll posters. How many times does Trump have to tell you he uses “fake news” as a go to response for anything he doesn’t like rather than actual fake news? I mean, we’ve been at that place for awhile so I don’t expect people to change but maybe!

Wouldn’t this seem to imply that Fox isn’t really in Trump’s pocket after all?? Fair and balanced Fox News is. :+1:

More likely it means that Fox accidentally went off script and was critical and the president got pissed and specifically pointed out that they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.


What purpose would that solve, other then ensuring that reporter would never again have access to the President?

Nahhhhhhhhhhh. Fox is fair and balanced is the more likely explanation.

“Actually, I thought you weren’t supposed to bring it up , but that’s okay, Fake news every once in a while.”

No, it doesn’t. Fox just had a segment a couple days ago where the outnumbered panel was testing nicknames for trump to call 2020 candidates. Trump demands 100% obedience at all times though. That’s why he tweeted about sending Shep to cnn and trashing two other Fox News hosts. But Fox is not 100% in the tank for Trump, probably 80%.

This was not the Fox News channel.

Their reporters are fair and balanced. Their conservative commentators are Trump supporters for the most part, although there are a few never Trumper’s. Their liberal commentators aren’t Trump fans.

So fair and balanced as an organization.

Fox Business. Pretty much the same in regards to being fair and balanced.

Derailing threads is fun.

Not at all. It means even though they’re almost entirely in the bag for Trump, it’s not good enough for him since he demands complete unquestioning loyalty.

I’m not following??? :confused:

Well, if you add extra h’s to your denial then it must be true.