Trump 2024 VP Pick?

The whole issue is a silly red herring. The intent of the “natural-born” requirement was to ensure that the President be beholding to this country and not a foreign county where they were born. It’s ridiculous to nitpick over the undefined phrase “natural born” when clearly even most naturalized citizens are loyal to this country, many more so than some who are born here.

Yeah, it really has. Another scenario may come up that may reopen the question, but between McCain and Cruz it’s pretty well settled.

That’s the same issue as being born in a US Territory. That question was resolved with Barry Goldwater in 1964. The answer is yes.

I heard something hilarious on CNN this morning as I was channel surfing on my way into work. Some talking head said “Trump will pick someone as VP who is toxic, so bad that they will not even consider impeaching him for fear of his VP taking office”.

Same exact thing Biden did, picked a VP worse than himself…gotta love how the Dems accuse the Reps of the exact thing they actually do…LMAO


Same thing Obama did as well.

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presidential candidates ALWAYS pick a lesser ever since Kennedy picked Johnson.


To be fair that was a single person giving their opinion, hardly an official party position.

But VPs typically are chosen to deliver a certain demographic without upstaging the President.

I am sure all Presidential candidates want a VP candidate who to some extent they can bully and cajole. Some presidents will have had good working relationships with their VPs and others not so much. I suspect Biden and Harris have very little interaction and she is chomping at the bid to go for the nomination in 2028.

You totally missed the point. It was not about the VP upstaging the President, or about delivering a specific demographic, it was how Biden decided to choose someone who was/is viewed in a much worse way to protect his position. “You impeach me, you get her…you SURE you want to do that?”.

That commentator was saying Trump will do the same…ie: accusing Trump of doing EXACTLY what the Dem President did.

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Nah i dont think either Trump or Biden did that or will do that.

Natural born Canadians can be good VPs.
But I get what you’re saying.

Trump will probably pick someone from a state he needs votes from.
Sure helps to have someone tied to your hip who thinks and believes same stuff you do but in todays reality it takes more strategy than that.
Trump picked his VP thinking he has a devoted ally in him but then look what happened when the shizutcky hit the fan on Jan. 6th.
VP folded his tail and hid under the bed.

Cruz held dual citizenship so he is eligible to be president. His mother is an American citizen. He did renounce his Canadian citizenship, though.

Virginia would be a nice state to have.

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Thank you.

VA electoral votes belong to Biden.

wanna bet?


this entitlement is exctly why democrats don’t deserve them


Because of all the good he’s done in just under 4 years?


Like MD Virginia’s electoral votes are in Demoncrat strongholds. Unless there is an outright revolt and the “vote Dim till I die “ fun bunch overwhelmingly vote Republican the electoral votes will go to the OBiden puppet.

not entitlement.

just political reality.



He is sooooo good he can do it in his sleep.

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No, it hasn’t. Cruz didn’t get that far. McCain got a special dispensation from Congress.