Trump 2024 VP Pick?

I know, right?

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lol really?

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Trump is a pig. That was bad even for him.

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Watch it.

Watch me not lose my deranged ■■■■ over it. :wink:


“This poor guy- you should see this guy”- right before the performance.

Yeah, I don’t either. Just more NYC values.

Somehow, though, he manages to rewrite history and change reality. He actually has his minions believing that this did not happen.

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Now, if only a small deranged group of unstable creeps could figure out how to compose themselves like adults. :rofl:


Probably not going to happen. Remember when Bush was chimp Hitler?


oh i did. a few times. and guess what. my little freeze frame was from a rally where he was talking about Ted Cruz!

not kovaleski at all

i just duped the hell out of you and @Munimula1 into thinking that was from cnn’’s little frame comparison narrative but it wasnt. it was from a separate rally talking about ted freakin cruz

you guys made my point so perfectly

follow this link to see the video. next to the last one on the page. oh about - 1 minute in

good job guys


Who would’ve ever thought they could actually get even more disgusting than that, right?

Be careful, there’s orange juice everywhere. We’re in the splash zone. :rofl:


You’re welcome. Which one came first?

i didnt thank you

You complimented us.

There’s a major difference between the reporter and all the other “victims.”

i fooled you. you thought it was from the cnn comparison

you’re in damage control

maybe you should let this one go. ; )

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Sure you did.

There’s a major difference between the reporter and all the other victims. Can you guess what it is?

did same thing talking about ted cruz

fooled you too. just like cnn.

made my night

There’s a difference between the reporter and Cruz. Can you guess what it is?

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