'True Conservatives' who voted for Biden, are you Happy?

We can’t get rid of the imbecile in the white house without replacing him with a cackling buffoon, so there is one.


…and the people in power won’t stop breaking things.


It all gets rolled up into the unfixable problem that is Joe Biden.


I was very disappointed that Trump got the nomination and didn’t vote for him but there’s absolutely no way I would vote for anyone in today’s Democrat Party!


I never really liked Biden. There were maybe one or two issues I agreed with him on, but that was it. His handling of Afghanistan leaves me disgusted. I don’t think the country can be saved at this point. I tried to tell people. I firmly believe things will have to hit rock bottom in order to get people to understand the issues we’re dealing with.

No worries.
No such party exists.

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No liberals either.


Of course “we” said the same things about trump.

Just partisanship.

You are out of power and want to regain it.

It’s pretty simple stuff.


The Biden administration ignorance continues.

Winkin and Nod are continuing their VICTORY LAP.

Blinken says they are now relying on diplomacy. WITHOUT DIPLOMATS.

That’s one of those “darned” if you do and “darned” if you don’t major problems.

Voting against the enemy of the republic previously in the office was the best decision I made since incorporating scotch into my drinking regimen.

Of all the bad decisions that still weigh on my conscience, not voting for Trump or Biden is that little ray on sunlight I can hold onto and claim “atleast I didn’t ■■■■ that choice up”.


Come on, now. Parachute pants were totally in style, and all the girls thought you looked hot.

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Why is this statement in past tense?


Bidens the biggest cluster to be president since Warren G Harding! He has clear disdain for the military and doesn’t even try to hide it!


Never voted for him, never would. I remember seeing a clip of him on Fox News back in 2012, and I was like, "what an ■■■■■■■■ " I am even more disgusted with him now, after Afghanistan. My older brother- who is quite very liberal with LGBTQ issues- showed me something, and he said, “hey, Flame, I just wanted to show this to you; you may actually like some of Biden’s policies.” And I am more wishy-washy on those issues than anything else.

One of them was something about businesses not being able to ban former employees- those who have quit at least- from applying at local, nearby competing businesses. Some people more knowlegable with businesses have told me that this was hogwash.

His stances on abortion and track record on foreign policy alone are enough to make me gag.

Bur you voted for Biden, and your name is a derivative of the word Conservative.

Border rush a whole bunch of illegals coming South of the Border, from many countries, with people just looking to get free health care promised by one person. The other did not.
One person is for the legalized killing of unborn babies and making taxpayers pay for it, despite saying the government should not be involved, but involves us in paying for the legalized slaughter of babies. The other is not.

One person is becoming dependent on China by making us buy more electric cars which is dependent on China raw marterials for batteries, begging Middle Eastern Countries to increase their oil production while putting a Federal Freeze on new oil drilling, which makes prices go up, while begging others to pollute and increase their carbon emissions. Gas prices has gone up The other is not.

One person’s policies has led to inflation, the other did not.

One has funded Palestinian terrorism, the other did not.

One is for doing away with religious liberty, and is against conscience exemptions for abortion for example…the other did not.

One is for imposing CRT, where one race is seen as an oppressor, where everyone else is its victim. The other did not.

So Trump has a horrible personality and is a hypocrite and is full of himself and exaggerates, but at least he has policies that are overall conservative. Biden has joined with Bernie Sanders. But you are happier you say with Biden. What is Biden conservative on that helped you pull the lever for him? Or did you used to be a conservative and you changed your mind on things? A long time ago I was liberal, but I’ve changed over the years to more conservative positions. Have you just gone the other way?

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Biden is nowhere near Bernie sanders, politically.


Then why did he take items from Sanders platform and insert them word for word into his “unity platform”?