'True Conservatives' who voted for Biden, are you Happy?

True Conservatives who voted for Biden, happy?

Would you do it again? I remember several gentlemen/women who despised Trump so much that they declared, they would say something like this, ‘I voted for Reagan/both Bushes/Romney/McCain/Dole,’ depending on how old they go back, so upset at Trump being ‘unprincipled’ ‘liar’ etc. that you jumped ship to Joe Biden. I agree Trump is full of himself, exaggerates about himself, and is not the most principled honest person. But for the most part, he governed conservatively, especially when you compare him to the Democrat alternative. But you guys not only didn’t vote for Trump, you guys did not just not pull the lever for Trump, you also did not vote for a Libertarian, or Constitutional Party Presidential candidate. You guys pulled the lever for Joe Biden. The ones that I saw were already against Trump before the Covid pandemic.

Trump was the most pro-life President in American history. Here is a sample list of his pro-life actions: President Trump’s Pro-Life Wins - Susan B. Anthony List Your vote helped to elect Joe Biden who due to pressure of the campaign promised to end the Hyde amendment even though Obama/Clinton though pro abort at least went along with restrictions on Fed Funding of abortion.

Let us say you are a conservative who is all for the killing of the unborn due to the ‘right to choose’ to kill babies.

President Trump was against illegal immigration and attempted to end chain migration, he was for building a wall to help end illegal immigration, and attempted to limit immigration to those who would contribute to society. Trump attempted to deport criminals Biden has attempted to end deportation of ms13 types. Biden put a stop to the building of the wall and has opened up a flood of illegal immigration as is well known, with a huge supply of fentanyl accompanying the raping of illegal girls. Biden wants to legalize most of those who broke the law to make all those illegals legal. And more coming in and lets legalize them too. Future Democrats.

Trump was for modernizing building up the military, Biden is for scaling back the military. Trump supports the second amendment Biden is trying to do what he can to do away with the second amendment, google David Chipman his attempted anti gun czar.

Trump yes did want to end Afghan war but conditional agreement with Taliban and when they broke it, he delayed, it was conditional. Biden leaves unconditionally with little or no notice to European allies. Now appealing to the Taliban to please let our Americans get to the airport, he doesn’t want to confront the Taliban to rescue Americans.

Trump ended financial support for Palestinian terrorists led by Hezboallah. Biden gave support to terrorists what happened Israel got rockets shot at them with new money provided by Biden.

Climate change means we uproot our economy while doing absolutely nothing with China who has more than double our emissions, China 30% of worldwide emissions and building new coal factories, Biden says absolutely nothing about that, and China btw was responsible for killing millions throughout the world through the virus. And Biden wants us to get electric cars which makes us more dependent on China who has the material etc.

Trump supported conscience protection for those who don’t want to participate in abortion.
Trump supported Keystone pipeline helped us to achieve energy independence, Biden put a freeze on federal land any new oil drilling and ended support for Keystone pipeline.

Biden supports BLM, Trump against BLM. Biden is for reimagining police, which leads to much more crime as evidenced in Democrat run cities. Before the election he made a pact with Bernie Sanders on many many issues, all radical, all radical leftist. Including re’imagining’ cops. And this is what you KNOWINGLY voted for.

Biden pretended he was moderate, he stated he was moderate on the one hand for people who don’t look at what he actually said he was going to do, but colluded with Sanders in saying exactly how he was going to govern. The Biden/Sanders Marxist/Socialist manifesto is here, well before the election:

You voted for the attempt of 3.5 billion$ fraudulent ‘human’ infrastructure only possible to get through because Biden is pushing for it. Trump in office, no way possible this would get through. Biden in, it is possible. Child care, legalizing illegal aliens, green new deal, huge tax increases, etc. That is what you KNOWINGLY voted for.

You know when you voted for Biden you voted for the agreement made by Biden and Bernie Sanders. Criminal Justice reform, no bail, which lead to criminals get out of jail after committing crimes, way beyond the criminal justice reform that Donald Trump supported, green energy, etc, paid (getting rid of Hyde Amendment) baby killing.

Now, that you have seen Biden as President, of course many other issues, are you still proud of your vote for Biden, and what is Biden more ‘conservative’ than Trump in? Or is it that you are just no longer conservative? Would you do it again?


I think those people are long gone from this forum. There was a bit of an exodus after the election.

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There is no such thing as a “true conservative,” much less any that would ever vote democrat.


They were suckers.

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As long as you weren’t a mistress.

In policy as President, link already provided.

With respect to chain migration did anyone close to him utilise chain migration processes to bring their parents to the USA?


He’s just a real do as I say, not as I do kinda guy…


I understand you liberals are happy about paying for killing unborn, kowtowing to the Taliban, and China, high inflation, cutting our energy so we can become dependent on Middle Eastern countries producing more oil, good on many poor illegals coming through the border, while the cartels do the human trafficking and drugs such as fentanyl which kill thousands. Paying for Palestinian terrorism, but you are a liberal, I get that.


“We” are just getting started and in just a few months, he’s already the worst POTUS in history.

CBS’s “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked Gates if he stood by a statement from his memoir that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

"I think I stand by that statement," Gates said.


Cool…Now do you want to address his “Do as I say, not as I do” way?

Wonder how delighted a certain Corn state NCAA sport fan is right now??

We might find out in November.


There were a number of “true conservatives” (according to themselves) and unwaveringly they took the lib side of pretty much every issue. :roll_eyes:

Most are gone but one or two are still here.


Yeah, they were and always will be, libs. :wink:


Yeah everybody knew it. Not sure who they thought they were fooling. :grinning:


Trump says he’s prolife because it’s expedient right now.

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:rofl::+1:t4: he “evolved”

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Look, I know he used to be proabort. I vote for people based on their current policy positions, not on what it used to be. I granted that Trump is a jerk, full of himself, has had alot of personal issues. He’s not running for the ‘Religious Leader’ position. He changed his position on abortion imo for the better… Biden for about 40 years supported the Hyde Amendment, though pro choice to kill, he was against Federal funding of abortion, and he said his position was ‘principled’. He jumped ship on that like he has done on many issues. Hypocrites like all these Democratic governors/mayors/house reps mandating MASK wearing but at their own parties no masks? I care more about the policies they support rather than whether they are hypocrites or not.