Treating women as equals

Or, at least as responsible adults. Women should be believed and should be expected to tell the truth. When they lie, they should be charged accordingly. Just like men.

Or, are women just victims and afforded privileges that men are not. If Flynn was a woman would he get prosecuted?

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I always put my faith in the victim male or female.

Unfortunately political correctness in today’s world, tells us all that no matter what a woman accuses a man of, that she is the victim, and he is automatically guilty. Any woman that ever makes a false accusation towards a man, is simply a traitor to her own gender(and a disgrace in general for women equality, and women’s rights!!!), and only is disrespecting women that have actually been taken advantage of and need that safe haven, and safe place, and for people to be able to trust that they’re telling other the truth.

So Mrs. Ford, I say Shame on you! Shame on you for disrespect women who really have been raped and taken advantage of. You sit there with no evidence, and no credibility for what? Politics? you make me sick personally, because you taint other women who actually are abused. This is a very sensitive subject, and if you taint it, then it makes it extremely hard for people to believe other women in the future. Keep that in mind Mrs. Ford. Do you really want that on your Conscience and soul?


No, she does not taint other women who are abused

How much worse can it get?


Nor does she read the Hannity forum

Ah, but who is the victim?

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Well if Ford was a man, I’d believe him even more, so there’s that. Especially if they have as much to lose as Mrs. Ford.

Presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

In a court of law, CanadianJudo is a person.

Even worse. In the court of public opinion the is no due process. Only torches and pitchforks.

You must be really upset about all the conservatives saying Hillary is guilty of her multitude of offenses. Uranium 1, emails, Benghazi…


Proof that in the court of public opinion there is no due process. Thank you for pointing out that example.

I’m shocked that republicans have decided to champion the white male. Shocked!!!

How can you put your faith in the victim if you don’t know who the victim is?

Brilliant! According to these numbnuts, Hillary is the devil incarnate who murdered dozens of people like seth rich without any shred of evidence, not a single shred.

what about when they lie, like an inmate testifying for a reduced sentence

Ford is a Patsy of an organized plot that controls Flake. It should be investigated.

Your point of view is commendable, but shortsighted. We should take all claims of sexual assault on face value, and decide guilt on evidence alone. But that’s not how it currently works. The system, historically, has heavily tilted to the side of the accused, wherein the results are accusers don’t come forward, are ridiculed, or aren’t believed.

It’s nice that you want to move directly into a system where everything is taken at face value and guilt is decided by fact/evidence. But you can’t just dismiss how screwed up the current culture around sexual assault is and expect everyone to change immediately. It’s going to take time.

matter of perspective, harkens back to the boy that cried wolf.