Treasury Bureaucrat Arrested for Russia Info Leaks

Prosecutors said Edwards leaked documents related to Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, the Russian Embassy and Maria Butina, among others. The information was used in approximately 12 news stories, according to the indictment.

Huh, what do you know about that?

Interesting…trying to smuggle out a flash drive.

It shows that saboteurs working in goverment to undermine this presidency.

I bet it’s just the tip of iceberg.

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Yep. Probably hundreds more just like her.

I hope the dominoes keep falling.

The Fox News version also states the following:

“An unidentified, higher-ranking Treasury colleague was cited in court papers as a co-conspirator with Edwards, but was not charged. That person, identified only as an “associate director” at FinCEN to whom Edwards reported, exchanged more than 300 messages with a reporter via an encrypted messaging application.”

My guess, the person being charged is going to provide all the evidence needed against this “higher up” in return for a reduced sentence…if offered.

A swamp critter. PhD in philosophy. She’ll be the Doctor of cellblock 7 soon.

Good, keep tugging at the string till they are all found and indicted.

I’m sure they will be sent to prison and pardoned under the next president if they are still in jail.

Neither of them from Muellers team then, that’s probably going to be a recurring theme.

I always wondered what you could do with a PhD in philosophy,.


Spend a lot of time job hunting kinda like my nephew who got his in Russian.

A decade later and the only paying work he’s gotten out of it was teaching English in Russia and Chechnya as a volunteer.

He’s in his thirties now and still has never had a paying job over 10.00hr is married, has a kid on the way and is still living in his dad’s house getting buy on a weekly allowance and what he earns as a secretary.

What a man!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The liberal answer to corruption ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

One down and many, many, many swamp critters to go…drip, drip, drip…

Even though she committed a crime and should be punished for it, I find it funny that some are treating this news as some sort of vindication.

Who exactly is claiming this is any sort of vindication? Cite some examples.

Drip drip drip.

Probably. Although not directly on his team, I imagine there are quite a few on the fringes who have access. His “team” is bigger than we know. Plausible deniability.

I wonder if they’re being paid.

Obviously not be smart enough to smuggle out information without being caught.

The “socialist Kenyan Marxist” prosecuted leaks at a record pace. You guys screamed about it when he allegedly went after a Fox News reporter.

But now it’s yay team

You made the claim, it’s up to you to back it up.