Travel ban idiocy. Biden proves again he's a nit wit

Super spreader Joe has banned travel from places all over the world. But by air only. But if someone decides to walk across the southern border, the welcome mat is out. No screening, no testing, no vaccinations, no interference from the feds at all. Come on in. We won’t stop you. Covid or no Covid. You’re special. The man is a world class dip ■■■■ Y’all should be ashamed of what you are doing to America.

BTW. This is not a yet another Trump thread. We already have 1000 of those going on. Please stay on topic.

Biden to reinstate COVID travel ban targeting UK, Europe and Brazil: report (

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what a”racist xenophobe”

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We have immigration laws in place that cover that.


For some reason, we can’t be having things that make sense like enforcing existing laws. We’ve got to create new ones that no one will enforce…

You are incredibly uninformed. Since your news sources obviously suck. I will fill you in. Biden has ordered that nobody is to be detained or deported. It’s stunning that you are unaware of this. To claim this is not happening means you need to use real news sources.


…that aren’t being enforced…comrende?


If you are sincere, we’re on the same page here. Just enforce the laws we have in place and I’m a happy boy.

Biden has already stated he will only enforce those immigration laws that he feels like enforcing.


That fact that he has no clue that Biden is opening the southern border means he is watching too much CNN or reading the Wapo.


Under Trump and due to Covid we could legally and ethically return border crossers immediately.

Now we can’t.

Inconsistent and poor pandemic policy. Biden is going to make Trump look like a pandemic maestro if he keeps up the inconsistency.

Biden did respond to the criticism and upped his vaccination goal to 1.5 million per day. Good for him for this.

Why it is that business owners aren’t severely prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens is the real problem. Fix that and you’ve fixed almost everything surrounding illegal entry into the US. No mon, no fun, they’ll run.


I could not agree more with this. Though I am not sure we want to see what the real market value of produce will be once that happens.


Which means nothing. We are already at 1.2 million. So far he has taken zero action regarding vaccines. He’s just a cheerleader. A perverted old cheerleader, but still a cheerleader.

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That ship has sailed. Do you really think the dems want to enforce immigration laws? Why would you think that?

At least he is aware enough to know when he looks foolish claiming the standard Trump set.

Remains to be seen if he gets there.

I would take the under.

I’m truly glad we’ve found common ground. Now if there was a way to unite and let our voices actually be heard above the MSM noise, I’d sure like to do it.

C’mon man. Ditch your TDS for a while and stay on topic. Trump has nothing to do with Biden’s dumbassed policies.

BTW. This is not a yet another Trump thread. We already have 1000 of those going on. Please stay on topic.


That would also require DC staffers and bureaucrats to give up their child care, home improvement, cooks, and home cleaning services.

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I could not disagree more with this.

…and that would be why?