!Transgender Rights!

We should nationalize the baby formula supply.

Biden Rallies America. “Do your Part!”

Give Breast Milk for the Children of Ukraine

Use everything but the Oink.

To make worse shortages?

Saying “No,” to children who want their own way negatively affects children. Does that mean we should not deny children their desires?

Joe is not concerned about losing support. He has been convinced the foreign powers he has allied himself with will take care of him and his family if he destroys the US economy, military and morale.


the way everyone is talking here…

What does the post you responded to have to do with your response?

Children shouldn’t get their own way every time, but its okay to let them have their own way sometimes. Really depends on what they are asking for and how they are asking for it.

How do you know this?

It is obvious. Everything 46 has done has weakened the US relative to China, and we know from the Biden business portfolio and Hunter’s laptop that China is bankrolling him.

Can anyone name one thing he has done that has not weakened the US relative to China.

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Sounds like a conspiracy theory and not actually proof of what you claim.

Can anyone name one thing he has done that has not weakened the US relative to China.

Probably a bunch of stuff in here too: https://community.hannity.com/t/what-are-bidens-accomplishments

You haven’t "named " anything.

Did you follow the link? Do you think policies that encourage the government to purchase goods from American companies helps China?

We could also stick to the topic and throw in Biden’s ending of Trumps transgender people serving in the military ban. That didn’t have any effect on China positive or negative.

It’s easy enough to say, “We are going to encourage the government to purchase from American companies.” There are plenty of examples where the publicly stated position of Democrats is one thing, but the actual practice is the opposite. “We are investing x billion dollars more into border security”, but the money allocated is used to pay for facilitating trafficking of illegals into the US. Where are the examples of the Government buying from American owned rather than from companies partly or wholly owned by China?

Your response suggests only two things: one being of neutral effect, and one being a profession with projected effects that may or may not happen ans a hsndfull of showcase contracts that czn be pointrd yo as proof that the policy is in place, while the vast majority of Government purchasing may be carrying on as normal. Who makes and supplies the batteries for all these US companies?


'China’s demand advantage is especially true for shorter-range cars that use LFP batteries, says Nikos Tsafos, an energy and geopolitics expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. But the US could make up that gap, he suggests. If the Biden administration has a strategic goal of reducing US dependence on cobalt and nickel, perhaps it should do more to encourage that. Maybe cars with LFP batteries should come with a sweeter tax credit for buyers. “It doesn’t seem very useful to have a target and then a set of policies that aren’t attuned to that target,” he says. “You could say, ‘Hey, not all batteries are the same.’” ’

So, all the rest of the Democrat policy outcomes are disadvantaging the US relative to China.

You can’t honestly claim Made in America laws are weakening the US relative to China just because you don’t trust Democrats.

Where are the examples of the Government buying from American owned rather than from companies partly or wholly owned by China?

Where are the examples that everyone is getting waivers?

Because, batteries? How would make DC the 51st state hurt the US and help China? Single payer health care? Abortion access? How do these hurt the US while helping China?

“How do these hurt the US while helping China?”

“How would making DC the 51st state hurt the US and help China?”

It would give Democrats, who are pro Chinese style socialism, and who predominate in the DC bureaucracy, a bunch of guaranteed EC votes that would increase the difficulty of avoiding the election of a pro chinese presidency.

“Single payer health care?” Will deplete the US budget for worse health outcomes, make the government the arbitor of whom we can afford to give treatment, and lead to culling of allegedly unproductive citizens.

“Abortion access?” This restricts US population growth and the number of minds available to explore the nation’s problems and find workable solutions and produce needed goods.

How do those policies help the US become stronger in relation to the US?

Every transgender thread is taken over the same exact way. :rofl:


Wrong. The Democrats are not pro Chinese style socialism.

The US having Single payer healthcare would not help the Chinese or hurt the US.

Abortion isn’t the make or break of having smart minds to export the nation’s problem. There’s nothing wrong with an immigrant nation bringing in immigrants if there are population/braintrust shortages. Abortion does not help the Chinese.

Don’t move the goal posts. How do these hurt the US while helping China?

Make a “one and only” thread for the discussion of transgender issues? :man_shrugging:

That would be a good way of consolidating your conquests. :rofl: