Total number of Votes cast this year -Prediction thread

In 2008-130.5m votes were cast
In 2012 - 127m votes were cast
In 2016 - 135.5m votes were cast

as of Right this min - Almost 30m votes have ALREADY been cast with 15 days to go.

When everything is said and done - What is your prediction for TOTAL number of votes cast? I am going out there and saying we will break the 145m count.

I’m going with 150,000,000. :flushed:

Turnout is going to be massive. Already is massive. And will remain massive through the close of all polling.


There are roughly 239m people elgibile to vote. Roughly 192m are registered to vote (or at least was last year).

Numbers are def crazy high.

Indeed. And the sad part is that we will see this record turnout as crazy high and amazing. But it will still be dismal by comparison to other places and to what our total participation could/should be.

It’s gonna be yuge.

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Biden isn’t going to bring out many first time voters. No appeal.

So my guess most of first time voters will be go to Trump.

75,000,000 for biden
65,000,000 for trump
2,000,000 other

142,000,000 for me.


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Well -thats def not based in any data…but it is a theroy.
My theory is anywhere there is a line, is good news for Biden. People dont tend to wait in lines to voice how happy they are.

BUt we will see. care to guess a total number of votes?

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160+ miyyion for me.


About 72,000,000 votes for Biden
About 65,000,000 votes for Trump
About 3,000,000 votes for others

I am thinking that it will be around 140,000,000 votes that will be cast this election.

80,000,000 real trump votes
30,000,000 real biden votes
50,000,001 votes for biden from illegals, dead people, cartoon characters, and other imaginary people

82m Biden
66m Trump
2m Other

150m total.

that’s a question for hanging chad…

Biden is very likely going to be the first Presidential candidate to get over 70 million votes.


remember, it isn’t the size of the vote, it’s where you place it…

comrade biden’s lackeys haven’t changed the electoral college yet

And for weeks afterward! :laughing:

Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote Always!

Words to live by! :wink: