Top Virginia Republican was editor of a yearbook with blackface photos

No difference…its along time ago and things have changed…

Steve king…nobody cares about your byrd deflection

Seems to have been a thing. Let’s all learn from this.

“they continue voting in Robert KKK Byrd…” I hope not, he’s been dead for a while. And…I do believe those who votED him in were West Virginians…what color is that state?

That’s funny.

I thought editors were supposed to look at every picture and word. Well, live and learn.

Damn…no kidding…and only just over 50 years ago, eh? Is that how far back you had to go to attempt to find something to alleviate all of the heat libs are getting right now? Wow…just wow.:roll_eyes:

I think we need to reserve judgment. Just like all the dems are doing in Virginia.

If Steve King is re nominated by Republicans in Iowa, you will have a point.

He did, last November.

He just was
My point stands…

Yup. That is their responsibility.

Sad really. Those that found the Northam photos only had to go back 35 years. Much more reasonable.

Great point.

I don’t see the big problem with either one, in their context. It was a time when it was accepted and there are plenty of examples of such things like that. I’m confident there are things happening right now that you approve of that the future, looking back, will not…and that’s just the way it is, it is, it is, it is.

I must have misunderstood when you said, “Wow… just wow.” I thought you saw a problem. My mistake.

Yeah…but there is a before and after his last big statement.

And lets not forget he was removed from his major committees afterward.
By Republicans.
Even after he recanted.

You know, when someone questions whether someone will be re nominated by their party, they generally mean in the future, not the past.
Especially if their most outrageous action happened after the prior event.

How ever you need to spin it doug…its not like we didnt know where king stood on these issues…

My goodness can the mods stop deleting post…

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Which was …